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Widmore and Flocke: BFFs by Forecaster1

It is clear from ‘the candidate’ that Widmore is in cahoots with Flocke and the Losties were set up.

First, they get to Hydra and immediately kept together in the cage. Flocke knows this and makes sure to get Jack there by guilting him to help (Jack jumped off the boat, so he had to find another way)

Second, Flocke gains their trust by doing what he said – bringing them to the plane. But he cant have the same C4 situation on the plane – everyone would run away when the timer starts. So he uses it as a trust thing – showing the C4 – which Widmore said he would put there. Obviously since Flocke took the watch, he knew the C4 was there.

So know he brings them to the sub – a nice confined place with no escape for the bomb. But notice how easy it was to walk to the sub and board it. Why would Widmore allow his sub to be boarded and destroyed – unless he knew that this way they all would die.

Then the gun fight ensues – more of a - ‘hey, if you are not on the sub yet – better get in or we will kill you’ What choice did they have? – get in – with the C4. It was so easy strolling down the dock and getting in. Nobody gets hit except Kate – who doesn’t matter. Notice how absent Widmore is (probably picking out the best house in Darmatown).

So you may ask – why would they be BFF and make this plan?..It is because of the deal they struck.

Widmore wants the island, he wants the power. He can’t have all of it with Smokey there. Luckily Smokey wants to leave. So, Charles, you help me get rid of the candidates, I will leave, and you can have the FDW to yourself (along with the pool in the temple, but Dogen is still using it).

This makes so much sense to me – the charade he put up with Smokey when they talked, the useless sonic fence. Also, this makes sense when you think about how Widmore said to Locke – you have to get them all back!
Widmore is not ‘with’ the Losties

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