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Time in FST by Bella

When jack died, he experienced his "awakening moment". he knew he would eventually wind up with kate in the afterlife just like desmond knew he would end up with penny in the afterlife. as soon as jack died, he woke up on the plane as we saw in LA X. he had no memory of ever being on the island or dying. the losties started their journey in the FST on the plane and their imaginations created all their experiences such as Jack and Juliet being married and having David, it never happened. so they were not actually born in the FST and spent many years growing up and such, they just thought they did.

So, once every single Lostie died, they were able to go to the church. Now, Kate, Sawyer, etc. died many years after Jack but since there is no time in the FST, it doesnt matter. The times we saw Jack in the FST could have been moving very slowly if you must think of it with time and the FST we saw with Kate could have been moving faster. it felt like time was moving at a normal pace but it wasn't. this is just an explanation if you can't think of a place without time. I don't necessarily think it is true but it is only if you have trouble understanding the time thing.

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