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Understanding the LOST FINALE - observations from “the end”.

Lost - Series Finale - The End/The Beginning.

Just a bunch of random ideas and thoughts about the finale that may mean nothing or may be the key to the whole series.

• Live together, Die alone was always the major theme of the show and how the characters needed to discover such a thing. They were brought to the island broken people who were alone, people that were lost, their lives were all falling apart in some way. They all had struggles, disappointments and issues. They end their journey finding love and accomplishing the things they wanted to achieve. They are no longer alone, but together with the people that came to mean the most to them.

• It was important that Jack completed his mission in saving the light because they needed this light to let go and move on together. The light on the Island that Jack saves is the light that Christian lets in at the end of the series. Whether it sends them to heaven, hell, another shrinking universe, or the island all over again is something we are left to wonder on our own. This was Jacks purpose on why he always felt the need to fix things throughout the entire series. In the end his sacrifice to the island was fixing it so that he would secure this future with the ones he loved.

• Originally we are shown flashbacks and flash forwards in seasons 1-5 that are intended to show the progress of the characters and remind them of their old ways that needed to change..the things they needed to let go of in their dead end lives..this season they were forced to remember the things they experienced on the island to come full circle and move on to the next island..world..universe..whatever it is you put in the blank when the white light comes pouring into the chuch. It wasn’t until they all remembered their island lives and each other that they were able to leave.

• They all died at different points in time however in the afterflash world time was not relevant there was no “now”…some died before Jack had died on the island and some died long long after him. Kate, Miles, Richard, Claire and Frank go on to lead full lives off of the island and die at different points in time. Kate telling Jack that she missed him so much proves that she most likely lived a full life probably decades without him and remembers that now. Hurley and Ben went on to protect the island. For an unknown amount of time but eventually die. “Everyone dies”.

• The island was real, everything that happened actually did happen regarding the island, the past, dharma, the flashbacks, the flash forwards etc.. Christian even expresses that the Afterflash is all real its just that its a meeting place that they created so that they would be able to find each other and move on together with the ones they love.

• Juliet saying “it worked” in the season premiere was not what we thought about the bomb going off and working..it was her mind slipping into the afterflash that we saw as a parallel all season. It was her talking about the machine releasing the candy while having her “remember moment” with Sawyer.

• Just because we never saw the island sink in the finale does not mean it has not sunk in the future. They show you in the end that when Jack replaces the cork and the water begins to flow again. Man in black makes a point in Across the sea to point out he will use the light and water to leave the island. Just because the island is sunk does not mean the light is out. Hurley and Ben may have found a way to move the island to the bottom of the ocean. Maybe its even how they eventually come to die as we see in the finale they praise each other for their time taking care of the island. He tells Ben that he was a great number two proving they indeed had much more island storyline than what we are shown.

• “It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.” is what we hear Jacob say on the beach in the Season five finale after the MIB tries to say that all people are the same corrupted and evil. We dont know where they are headed after the end but what we have seen until they have arrived was just progress. A steady process of perfecting flaws, growing closer together, and moving into a better life.

• Desmond was able to leave the island at some point in time because Hurley was not going to have the rules that Jacob had made up. This was his game now and he is now allowed to create the rules. Just like the man in black said to Jacob when he was asked about the rules of the black and white board game.

• David was created in the afterflash to show Jack how difficult a relationship between a father and son can be. Without this element in this life Jack would not be able to relate to and love his own father as much as he does. He was able to forgive his father and be at peace with him.

• The plane wreckage shown at the end of the show with footprints in the sand but no human beings around it may in fact represent the re-arrival of all of those in the church after Christian opens the door and lets the light in. As there are no bodies anywhere to be found reflects how Christians body was not in the coffin in season 1 or in season 6.

Sure there are many, many loose ends that are yet to be tied up..some may never be..some might be on the dvd set when it comes out in August as its been said there are 20 additional minutes of answers from the finale that weren’t crucial to the character driven series ending..But those answers are probably better left unanswered as it leaves us with the feeling we always got with lost..it leaves us debating and pondering..it leaves us wanting more and that in the end is a good thing cause it we had the answers to it all it wouldn’t be lost.

This is all written based on memory from watching the finale. I may need to add notes to this while rewatching it for a 4th time.

See you in another life Brotha.

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