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Well now that LOST is over I already find myself re-watching the finale and noticing (or remembering) an interesting scene from season 3. For the record I am in the camp that enjoyed the finale after having some more time to throw it around my head. That said I do feel they left quite a few mysteries in the dark, but I believe we have the tools to solve them if we rewatch the show. To me this is one of the reasons LOST is my favorite show b/c I can go back and watch it over and over again and still be thoroughly entertained trying to figure these things out. I will attempt to sort of unearth (no pun intended) the mystery of the volcano they introduced in season 3.

Before starting I would like to say I'm a first time poster but have been reading endless theories and insanely enjoying the LOST journey with everyone else on here since about 2008 when I first found this site......so if my theory isn't too mindblowing forgive me, I'm new to writing them. ;)

Well anyway here's what I got-

Think back to season 3 "The Man Behind the Curtain". This episode is when we get Ben's back story growing up on island. There is a quick scene when he is in Dharma class and the Hostiles end up attacking the Barracks. The teacher gets a rifle, his childhood sweetheart Annie locks the doors and then gets him to hide with her and the rest of the students. Right before this part is where I think there was an important scene. The teacher is teaching them about volcanic eruptions and we have an exchange between Annie and the teacher that goes as follows-

Teacher: "So once water is added to the bicarbonate we will get our very own volcanic reaction."

Annie: "Is that what happened to the volcano on this island?"

Teacher: "Exactly Annie....but that was a long time ago."

(I would also advise anyone who has time and access to season 3 to go back and look at the chalkboard while she's teaching....some interesting things on there)

Anyway I'm being longwinded here so I'll try to wrap it up!

If you think of the scene where Desmond moves the rock from the light source in last night's finale then you will also remember all the water draining from the area shortly after he does this. I believe the rock was the cork for the tip of the volcano and once he removed it then all the water was "added to the bicarbonate". If Jack wasn't able to sacrifice himself and put back the rock(cork) then "god help us all" b/c that woulda been a volcano eruption of which the likes we've never seen before!

Well I guess that's it...not really trying to tie any other mythology here. Just that the "heart of the island" is actually(maybe) the tip of a volcano. ;)

Love it, hate it, tear it apart, add on to it, I accept all support or criticism. For the record if something similar has been posted before my apologies. Didn't think anyone had touched on this!

I would also like to thank Dark for hosting this incredible site AND CHOOSING TO KEEP IT GOING!! for me and other LOST obsessors. I don't have to be mind****ed all alone!!

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