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Some of the comments from a theory I posted

suggested that it was unlikely for Jin to be the Kwon candidate because if he were a true candidate he would not be able to commit suicide (as referenced in the dynamite roulette scene with Jack and Richard). I would like to make a suggestion about the candidate death rules, I think from this scene it is possible to assume that Candidates can kill themselves as long as they are doing it in the form of a sacrifice. For example, Michael tried killing himself out of selfishness numerous times off-island at first, but when he chose to stay with the C4 on the freighter to try and stall the blast (which is a form of suicide). From the last episode we see Sayid sacrificing his life so that the rest of the candidates could leave the sub safely and Jin sacrificing his life so his wife will not die alone and they could be together. As a final example, Locke was a candidate and he was told by Christian (MIB himself) that he would have to die and make a sacrifice to get the others to come back. Since he's a main player in the game and wants his loophole plan to succeed I believe that he's telling the truth on this. A few of the candidates throughout the series have been told that they would need to make sacrifices or become sacrifices themselves so that seems to be the coverall statement for any discontinuities of candidates killing themselves "against the rules".

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