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Why Walt left the island by The Black Rock

Okay this is just builidng from an earlier theory. In short I talked about the powers of Walt. Once again this is an assumption. It might be right and it might be wrong. Earlier I thought that Walt had the power to give off electromagnetic energy. Now I can actually grow off of this issue. If Walt can somehow repel/give off electromagnetic energy would this not make him an issue to M.I.B. plans. If we assume that the island a cork is holding back darkness what is it exactly? The darkness is electromagnetic energy. This was seen with the hatch implosion (a.k.a. Desmond turning the key.) Now if Walt can somehow give off electromagnetic energy this would make him vital to one thing. He could travel into the darkness and maybe the sinking the island. I find this interesting. M.I.B. seems like he cannot go near electromagnetic energy. I believe in a future episode the explanation for M.I.B. becoming the smoke monster will be answered. My guess some sort of electromagnetic accident rivaling Desmond's. Accept of conscious traveling M.I.B. lost his form like Dr. Manhattan (a.k.a. Watchmen.) Now if Walt can somehow give off electromagnetic energy as in seeing the massive bird killings around Room 23 would this mean that he could possibly travel beyond the cork of the island. Could he prevent it the island from sinking? I believe that like Desmond Walt is another human being that can somehow be unaffected by electromagnetic energy. This explains the dead birds. Maybe the losties should've pointed a compass at him. Then if it spun it would prove my theory. He can also see the future in his dreams. Is it possible that Walt's consciousness can travel to future events when he is asleep. How do we know it wasn't a dream. Maybe like Desmond Walt fainted. His powers and conciousness traveling seem the exact opposite of Desmonds.

Now if we assume that M.I.B. was making the lists. Then where did he get the orders from. Probably M.I.B. For some reason Walt was captured. Why? I have no idea. I do have a guess. However, maybe M.I.B. wanted Walt brainwashed and out of the picture. This would go with his plans. With Walt gone Michael shot Libby and Anna Lucia. That lead to redemption with Michael getting on the ship. However, it was just an M.I.B. plan. The first attempt to kill the Candidates. However, will get to that. Now back to the theory. So after Michael does the deed and get Jack, Sawyer and Kate in custody. Ben knows that Jack is a doctor. Ben can solve the issue with cancer. This list like Walt's was most likely from M.I.B.'s M.I.B. gave Ben the answer to his cancer problem. This was Jack. This was further seeding the doubt in Ben. If Ben took orders from the cabin why would Jacob do this to him.

Further on Ben though the proved his loyalty to Jacob. He let his daughter die and ignored his cancer. He did as he was told. Accept he was doing what M.I.B wanted him to do. All for this moment. To kill Jacob. Ben moved the island he was devoted to someone who was not Jacob but M.I.B. His only conscious choice was killing Locke which went with M.I.B.'s plans. It was Michael's choice to murder. Now going further. M.I.B. from a previous theory was responsible for changing the rules with Alex. Now lets look at this more closely. M.I.B tried to not kill the Candidates not once but twice. Who was in the helicopter all of the Candidates. Keamy had the bomb trigger. If he dies boom goes the ship. "You can go now Michael."-M.I.B. The ship explodes. I believe this plan failed. It was worth a try though. Time for M.I.B. to go the inescapable plan B. Who was on a helicopter flying to ship? Oh that's right the Candidates. However, even if this worked it did not. The reason why it failed was because Sawyer jumped ship and went back to the island. However, M.I.B. wasn't an idiot he had Ben also move the island. Now in my previous theory I explained this theory to M.I.B.'s next plan to kill the Candidates. It looks to me like M.I.B. has many plans. Plan a kill in them on the ship didn't work. This plan really a warm up possibly might work maybe not. The next plan it will work. A 95% chance of success. Next plan all sorts of crazy time manipulations, shot Ben, shoot Sayid set it all up to the sub. This time going for the total knockout or checkmate to kill them. It did not work. Now my question is what does M.I.B. have next up his sleeve? Something real dangerous. His last trick the ace in his sleeve. Now if we go with the fact that maybe Ben the darkhorse was secretly a Candidate all along. It would explain the Jacob and Locke murders. However, maybe like Desmond he does not play by the rules. This ties into the crossed out Linus name. Maybe the crossed out Linus was his father. Jacob was referring to him. The dad or the son. Now if it was Dadwhere was Ben on the list? Shouldn't there be to Linuses. If so Ben Linus wasn't on the cave wall. Walt maybe not either. Loyd might have been Michael. Hume I don't see a Hume. Ben, Walt and Desmond have no rules. There dangerous pieces. They move the game between Jacob and M.I.B. forward. M.I.B wanted Walt gone because he could not use them for his plans. Walt did burn the raft so how is he going to get kidnapped and set his plan in motion? M.I.B thought this kid was to dangerous. He got him off. He used the next dangerous piece Ben Linus. Hopefully, you can come back Walt and destroy M.I.B. Just don't kill the Hurley Bird in the process.

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