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All spoke with MIB/FLOCKE except??? by lostman13

Hi lost fans I have a theory about who is going to kill MIB/FLOCKE and I wont to share it with you
Ok let's start we all Know from Doken that in order someone to kill MIB/FLOCKE he need to stab him with
The old roman knife before he talk, if he let him talk first MIB/FLOCKE is unharmed, this happen to sayid
‘‘Hello sayid''says MIB/FLOCKE sayid stabs him but nothing happens MIB/FLOCKE lived. This is MIB/FLOCKE defensive mechanism
In all the episodes of season 6 it’s obvious that MIB/FLOCKE always when he meets someone, tries to speak first hello jack hello Hugo
Hello Kate, hello James, etc...Go watch the episodes if you don’t believe me MIB/FLOCKE knows how someone

Can kill him and always takes his measures of course I don t believe the word ''kill'' is right
Here I prefer the word release because I believe that the smoke monster it’s not a person you can kill
But is a bad spirit inside a dead body I thing when MIB gets the lethal stab john Locke body is
Going to be free from the spirit and maybe I don’t know real Locke rising from the dead??? Yes I know
John Locke is buried in the beach but you never know it’s lost....
And here is the big question who is the person he never meets and never spoke to MIB/FLOCKE
hehehe of course! MILES STROME!!! It sounds ridiculous that poor miles is going to stab MIB/FLOCKE
But I have rewatch all the episodes till the last and Miles path in season 6 is first in the forest
With Kate after the incident, then he stays in the temple and escapes with liana and co, after that
He stays in the beach with the rest of the losties, and last splits with Richard and Ben.
no contact with MIB MIB/FLOCKE up to now. Undoubtedly this is a trick from the producers to avoid
a meeting between MIB/FLOCKE and Miles just remember his last words Miles said to Hugo ''I see that thing in action and he doesn’t
Want to talk''hehehe maybe miles words mean something else.
Well let’s finish the theory now miles is going to find that roman knife I’m not sure how.
Next stop is in the caves where the Adam and Eve Skeletons are i believe one of these skeletons is MIB Miles makes his voodoo thing and boom reads how MIB dies with the same knife he has
in his own hands now only miles knows the secret, docken and sayid is dead and all the other characters
they met and talk to MIB/FLOCKE and its not capable to kill him only miles can.
Finally I think miles role is to release Locke body from the bad spirit and when he achieve this is going to
Die by the black smoke Jack role is to deal with the black smoke and eventually sink the island because this is the
Only way to eliminate black smoke IMO just remember when sawyer tells MIB to fly over the sea MIB/FLOCKE says I can do that but
This is another theory. Thank you all for reading this I hope you like my theory sorry for my English it’s not my mother tongue
Any comments additions corrections in my theory are welcome.

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