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I think that everyone was alive on the island, for a certain purpose they all had to put a wrong right in their life before they could move on to the LAX purgatory, but wait for everyone to do this.

This point can be strengthened because in season 3 in one Desmoids flashbacks about death; you hear Eloise Hawking say that death is "just another road that everyone will take one day." This refers to near death of Charlie Pace who later dies, but first repenting for his past mistakes and allowing a chance of rescue; therefore going to Purgatory (LAX) where he waits for the rest of the characters to make their peace.

Jacob I think was God in a way because he was always the good positive figure that everyone turned to for advice, and the smoke monster the devil as he always trying to escape as is referred to always wanting to escape hell.

I think that Jack was the key because they were all waiting for him in the church and as you know the programme ended with the his eye closing so they all went to heaven when Jack died as his main repentance saving the world from the smoke monster (the devil) was fulfilled so they all got to go their own personal heaven with each other.

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