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Long time fan first time posting something here, it's a shame i waited until after The End :(

After the finale you can't help but miss LOST already. I've been watching some episodes from season 3 4 and 5 the last few days and i stumbled across something interesting. I would recommend watching the episode 316 in season 5 to see for yourself. Here's a link from a site if you would like to see. It's between the 15th and 16th minute of the ep.


Basically tho Ben and Jack are together in the church and Ben tells Jack the story about Thomas the apostle (i forgot to mention the church seems similar to the one in the finale ;) ) and as he mentions how Thomas refused to believe Jesus's resurrection and he couldn't wrap his mind around it, he goes onto say that he needed to TOUCH jesus's wounds to be convinced (jack touching Christians' coffin and other LOSTies touching eachother hmm). Jacks asks ben if Thomas in the end was convinced and Ben says "of course he was...we're all convinced sooner or later jack". And when i heard Ben say that it just completely made me think of how in The End everyone was convinced of their death and they "moved on" presumably to heaven.
Just to add after i first watched the Finale i just couldn't be happy with it, i wanted little details to be explained but in the end i thought how LOST was more about the Characters! Not just about the mysteries and mythology, these are all amazing perks the true heart of the show is the characters and i feel happy "enough" (could have been a bit better but still great) about the way they wrapped up the characters. Darlton... you legends!

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