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One thing that bothers me now that LOST is over....is the whole "After life" deal...that part was rushed and sloppy written. I think they made that part up and bullshitted their way through the end....WHY?....one thing.....ANNA-LUCIA!

Hurley in the after-life was aware of her,but her not of him....he asked Desmond if she was going with them and he said-"No, she's not ready yet".

...but in season five....Hurley gets stopped by dead/ghost Anna-Lucia and she gives him advice and talks with him("Libby says hi").

...So what gives? season five dead/ghost Anna knows Hurley and ghost Libby....but season six after-life world dead/ghost Anna doesn't know Hurley or Libby?

This actually makes no sense to me and I think it's a big continuity error on the writer's part....because Hurley the whole time should have really been talking to people from that after-life...correct? MAN! I wish the writer's would have tied-up all those loose ends.....

Oh, well! Help me out here people....what do you think?

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