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Theories on Jacob and by The Black Rock

Okay this is such a stupid theory but I think its funny. Okay so Jacob does not want to leave the Island. I'll get to this but acutally throw out a non-stupid theory that comes from Doc. Doc Jennson, who writes all about lost on Entertainment weekly stated something I found really interesting. Its the fact that the island guardian can actually make up the rules. What does this mean for Jacob. Well if Doc is right which he probably is than that means that Jacob has made all the rules for the Lost Universe. The rules are Jacobs because he made them. Isn't it interesting that Man In Black says I'm making up the rules to Jacob. Jacob doesn't like it. M.I.B says well some day you can make up your own rules. Seems to reinforce Doc's idea.

Now this is where the theory gets stupid. Its not right at all but if it was I would be laughing for weeks. Okay the reason why Jacob didn't want M.I.B to leave the island is because he wanted company. In other words Jacob thought that M.I.B was not like tainted by the germs of corruption when he so obviously was. Now when Hurley asks Jacob why did M.I.B. kill you. Jacob responds, "he grew tired of my company." Well it looks like he did Jacob. He just flat out got Bin Linus to kill you and then followed it up by kicking you into the fire. Well nothing personal Jacob you did sort of the same thing to M.I.B. Interesting that Jacob died by fire and M.I.B by water. I never noticed that before. AKA. Fire Water connection? Okay you two knuckleheads can call it even. Also, is the good guy really the one who lives with his fake mom for 43 years of his life. Didn't people think this was wierd for a guy that everyone thought was an all powerful diety. Not only that his false mom was bat sh**t insane to begin with but also murdered his Mom. I can see why M.I.B. just flat out left. Jacob he didn't. I'm starting to wonder if he's sort of insane.

The pathetic thing is that M.I.B might be right. There is no longer any thing to protect on the Island. "Protect it from what James." M.I.B says. Is he right. The Jedi-Light Cave is now down for the count. Its corrupted or something. Does their really need to be anybody protecting it? My guess Jacob wants to clean up his mess that he created. However, this would mean getting involved with people. Jacob says to himself that he'll just use people to fix the problem that is over two thousand years in the making. How could this happen Jacob! You were cool. You completley owned Richard in a fight and he's like Richard Alpert. He is so cool that he can just walk in out of the jungle, slam a torch in the ground and still look cool while doing it. In fact he is so cool that there is a youtube video of him doing it with Kill Bill music. Instead now you act like a whiny child and scured up the dam island. Ah well. Luckily he's got Mr. Fix It himself on the island. However, Mr. Fix It doesn't want to fix anymore. Uh oh! I would like to see where this goes next week.

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