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Let me tell you first up that this theory is based on a piece of information that I came across on this site. It is not really much of a spoiler but it is something which hasn’t been shown on the show, but has appeared in an interview by Mark Pellegrino (Jacob) regarding the events of "Across The Sea". So those who wouldn’t like to be spoiled even the tiniest bit should stop reading right here.

And I am also sorry if this has been posted earlier here or somewhere else but I haven’t come across this theory so far and would like to share it with you.

Okay now that you have been warned, let me proceed with my theory. In the aforementioned interview, Mark says that the whole incident of MIB killing “Mother” and Jacob’s subsequent outburst where he throws MIB into ‘The Source’ takes place in the year 43 AD.

Does that ring any bells?? If you’ve seen “Across The Sea” carefully, you will find that both Jacob and the Boy In Black grew in Mother’s care till they were 13, at which point they had their chance encounter with the hunters (the other people). It is at this point that BIB is paid a visit by their late mother-by-birth who tells him all the truth about the other Mother. This results in BIB leaving Jacob and Mother and joining the others.

Later on when Mother comes to know that MIB has finally found ‘The Source’, she comes down the well to meet him where he tells her that he has been looking for this same very Source for the last 30 years, ever since he left Mother and Jacob.

Now 13 + 30 = 43. This is when Mother was killed and the Smoke Monster was born, which happened in 43 AD according to Mark. Now this in turn means that both Jacob and the baby MIB (in human form) were born sometime in 1AD, the year Jesus Christ was born!

Is it just another red herring from the creators of LOST? We have seen so many of those on this show that we can’t really be sure, but I think this is a very significant point and at the end, might just throw some light on the whole meaning of LOST.

We have already seen how LOST has elements of mythology, believe, faith, etc. and I am excited by the direction this new revelation gives to LOST!! :)

P.S. : Did something important happen in the year 43 or 44 AD, Biblical-wise? Because this would throw more light on who or what the Smoke Monster is. I don’t have much knowledge in this regard. Here’s what I came up with in a quick search on Google (includes general events as well):

1) Mark the Evangelist becomes the Pope of Alexandria, establishing the Christian Church in Africa (43 AD)
2) The apostle James (brother of John) becomes the second Christian martyr, put to death with the sword; Peter arrested. The son of Zebedee, he has preached the divinity of the late Jesus of Nazareth and is executed on orders from Herod Agrippa I before the king's death. (44 AD)

Any thoughts or additional information welcome.

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