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Brothers by Sharon Savelli

I’ve been saying for over a year that I believe that John Locke and Ben Linus are brothers. I think when we see Jacob “kill” the MIB that it proves it.
Here’s my evidence:

* Johns’s young teenage mother was having an affair with an older man, presumably someone who could “con” a young girl into it. Her name was Emily.

* Ben’s father unequivocally hated him, which doesn’t make any sense because he loved his wife Emily so much. If you love your partner and then they die while pregnant doesn’t if follow that you would love the baby even more than normal because that is all you have left of your lost loved one?? So if Ben were his biological son he would have acted completely different. We know that Anthony Cooper con’s women into having affairs with him from Sawyers storyline. I think that he conned Emily Linus and got her pregnant with Ben and Roger Linus knew it.

*Ben brought Cooper to the island in “The man from Tallahassee” so he knew he existed and he knew where to find him.

* Ben’s killing of John “mirrors” Jacob’s “killing” of the MIB, Cane and Able all over again.

* When Jacob “kills” his brother he becomes the smoke monster and when Ben kills John he eventually becomes the smoke monster.

* John was a man of faith and inherently good, he couldn’t even kill the man who put him in the wheel chair. Ben had no trouble killing people at all, sure he did some good things, but in the end killing is bad. So now we have one good brother and one bad brother.

* The “coincidence” that their Mothers share the same name alludes to the fact that they also shared the same man.

* The MIB sees his dead mother in the woods as a boy and so does Ben

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