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First of all let me apologize for my english because its not my first language.
I’d like to expose a few thoughts I have on this week’s episode.

The first scene we have is a woman in a Red Dress, people like Vozzek69 have been talking about these scenes where Red goes between black and white, and here we see how the mother of black and white was red…

Colors are ment for us to affect us mentally and physically, so, the producers playing with colors to give us answers makes pretty good sense to me. From this point of view, the red color is ment to:
* Increase enthusiasm
* Stimulate energy
* Encourage action and confidence
* A sense of protection from fears and anxiety
So what we have here is a woman in red, who shows up in a Beach, we Could say we have no clue who she is… and i believe it untill she gets killed and shows up again in front of one of her kids. So in this scene we can clearly see, that Claudia (the woman in red) IS endeed Enthusiast about showing his son something, Energy because she doesnt have a body anymore, she Encourages his son by her own action and conficence, and i asure you the kid feels more protected from this woman in red he’s never known than for his actual ‘Mother’.
Now the kids. One is Dark…One is Light.
The Black color means:
* feeling inconspicuous
* a restful emptiness
* mysterious evoking a sense of potential and possibility.
So Boy in Black is Barely noticeable, he is always looking for something and he is ment to be great… (im opened to any other adaptations so make a coment). As for Light the White is said to:
* aid mental clarity
* encourage us to clear clutter or obstacles
* evoke purification of thoughts or actions
* enable fresh beginnings
And here comes Jacob, the fresh beginning, pure, and willing to make mankind understand, new candidate, the One… is he?

I believe at this point that nothing is coincidential nor in life, nor in LOST. Mother seems to see this too, as she ‘goes’ to find that pregnant in red and then feeds her and heals her to deliver the boy she was waiting for to be her replacement to be raised. But Claudia bears twins and you can see in her face of surprise that Mother wasnt expecting another one… she was only aware of one… So she had to make a Choice, im not talking about letting Claudia live or smash her Skull with a rock, it made pretty sense to me that THIS had to be done, from Mother’s point of view, she is Needles now she’s given birth, she showed up on the Beach to give Mother a heir and that’s final. The Choice im talking about is to whom deliver her job once she is gone. Appearently immortality doesnt mean forever as Jacob grows older you can se that Mother is sort of coming to an end, ‘Im just tired’ of course you are, who knows how long have you been Smashing heads arround here by yourself?! And the triggle is just Man in Black finally finding a way out of this ‘Godforsaken Rock’ Not even God knows how tired Mother is. This is her time, she has to act, time is short, and she needs to pick up one from the two candidates she was given.

Speaking of Mother, she wears Light brown and blue
How the color brown affects us physically and mentally
* Feeling of wholesomeness
* Stability
* Connection with the earth
* Offers a sense orderliness
And the color blue
* Calming and sedate
* Cooling
* Aids intuition

Now hold on me a second, this may be why FLocke told Claire her name wasnt in the caves when clearly there was a Littleton… so yes people, I know the vast majority wants Aaron to be special… so he was, he was born on the island, but they took him away, MIB took Claire away knowing perfectly well that Kate had issues and would take him away or maybe he didnt, the only thing i know for sure is that he wanted him OUT, just like Alex and Ji Jeon, they also were candidates because the island brought them to be born there, candidates until they got off the island… so Kwon 42 is little poky face.

Back to the Choice, im not sure however what Choice she made, i know she made jacob drink the wine, but remember that her favorite candidate to serve the island was always the Black one. So my question is, did she really pick Jacob? Or she, as wise as she was made it so the Man in Black gets so angry at her, he kills her, freeing her from her suffer, and she was aware that Jacob would do what he did, because just hours before she told him about that ‘worst than dying’ path. So… she knows its her time, and she needs to go away, she cant kill herself, ‘the island won let you’ she needs one of her babies to do that job for her, but also needs to make sure the island is safe when she is gone, and again, by the look in Mother’s eyes i can see she doesnt trust Jacob can do it right, and decides to trap MIB in the island with him to repair every single error, poor naive Jacob Could possibly make… until today when he finally finds his loophole, and kills his brother, his candidates, and can go finally free across the sea. But wait a minute, if there is something serious is what the island wants, and ‘the island wont let you leave’… will it?
We have a very potencial candidate called Jack Sheppard who is not willing to cooperate on that one.
My point is, the island gave Mother two candidates…instead of one, so the two of them are needed for the island. Yin Yang anyone?

On how i dont think Mother is the smoke monster…
First of all, she has super Powers, a woman who is ‘just tired’ isnt capable of killing a bunch of people and filling a whole well by herself in the time of a commercial brake. What i think is the protector of the island has the ability to Project on Earth whats on their mind and that gives you the possibility of doing anything you Could think of, as BiB said ‘one day you can make up your own game and everyone else would have to follow your own rules’… that includes you boy, you didnt know how right you were… Now we can finally understand how frustrated MiB really is…
So Mother makes Jacob drink the wine, symbolizeing comunion with the island, and then he can imagine anything and it would happen, then she says –Now you and I are the same- I take by her words, that she is aware of what can happen if you go through the cave, but that doesnt mean she is smoke. And for MiB… well, he kills mother, the island can let you go on just like that. So he also get superpowers…
-Death) What is that?
-Something you wont ever have to worry about…
Oh are you sure about that? I bet you he worries about death everyday.
The proof i think clears this up is when MiB kills Mother, she dies, but she leaves a body, bleeding. When Jacob takes his brother for a swim in the Light cave MiB gets cutted off of his body to emerge as a pile of smoke, pure energy but he is still MiB with his memories and all, -Jacob took my humanity- Hells yeah he did. Later Jacob finds his body and takes it. For all we know, Flocke cant bleed. And when he is wet he cant turn into smoke. And he is trapped in Lockes body … that means we wont ever see Titus again..? WAAAAA… i just died inside.
Mother and Jacob died the same way, same Dagger in the same point of the chest… how do you kill smoke?

Also noticeable how MiB is so devastated finding his gameboard burnt and how he takes the senet board from the fire and puts it so Mother can see it when she arrives home. She takes it, and then she takes two pebbles, one from each player, at the very end we see her Choice was Black.
Senet is an ancient game from Egypt, its believed to be the first game ever found… How is this relevant, well, Senet rules were lost many years ago, and through time, people have been playing with their own rules, at this time there are Two official posibilities of rules to play Senet, given by different authors Experts on the subject.
Just so you know, is not that weird that an egyptian gameboard shows up in the same ship as Greek/Roman people do. Claudia is of course a Latin name and by that time, Egypt was a powerfull lighthouse of knowledge for the rest of the societies arround. Senet was confirmed played by the ancient cretans. And funny how BiB just knows how to play… it Works both ways for –hey the island told me, leave me alone- Bib and the producers of the show. I believe LOST is about every type of knowledge you can afford, goes from religions and spiritualism through science and alchemy and has the rare ability to mix them together, we shouldnt be argueing about science of faith, because its about both and complimenting each other. Otherwise Claudia wouldnt have had twins.

Well that is all i have to offer by now, please make a comment and let me know how wrong you think i am.

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