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The Essence of Life by Mark

Ok I have a small theory about what the light might be and how it will impact the rest of the world.

I think that the light may be the Essence of Life.

“Mother” said that “everyone has a little of the light in them but they always want more”. I think by this she means we all have a limited amount of Life force in us but “man” is always in search of the Holy Grail as it were i.e. the secret of eternal life.

It seems likely to me that the light is what gives Jacob/The Protector eternal life and the ability to grant the same to the likes of Alphert and apparently revive Locke after his swan dive from that window.

I believe that the protector of the Island’s duty is to prevent humanity from finding the Light and through ignorance and greed using it all up somehow. If this were to happen and humanity drained the source of all life force in the world every living thing would cease to exist.

Widmore – “If he leaves this island then everyone you or I love and care about will cease to exist”.

Now what I am not sure about is what exactly happened when MIB fell into the Light and Smokey emerged. It seemed as though the light went out, although its possible that is was just being blocked by Smokey’s emergence. If MIB/Smokey is now the embodiment of the Light then it could explain his ability to reanimate/take the form of the dead. Maybe when he “reads” people he is reading their Life Force or absorbing a bit of it which gives him access to all of their life experiences which he then uses to his advantage.

Also, if the light did go out or was warped into the Smoke monster it is likely that this is the reason why pregnancies became an issue on the island.

It seems to me that the protectors duty has changed from protecting the Light Source to preventing Smokey from leaving. Is this because in essence the Life Force now is Smokey? After seeming Across The Sea I don’t believe that MIB will just run riot and kill everyone if he gets off the island. I think he genuinely wants to “Go home” and see what’s out there. I don’t believe that he is pure evil I just think that he has resorted to evil deeds after centuries of being imprisoned against his will. His story is tragic and I think before the show ends we may get to see some unexpected redemption for the Man in Black.

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