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A renalysis of "Their Coming" by The Black Rock

This is just an interesting tid bit that I noticed. In "The Incident." Jacob stated that, "their coming." I think he meant that the Candidates were coming. Now lets see how this works. If M.I.B somehow sends everyone back in time (as in all the Candidates) their will be none to protect it in the future. M.I.B. leaves the Island and the game is over.

However, Jacob knew that the Candidates were coming back through time to the present which they did. In fact they were sent thirty years into the future to 2007.

The flaw here is the Kwons. If we assume that this is right then that means that Jin was the true candidate while Sun wasn't. I don't know its just interesting to note now what he is actually referring to. It looks like M.I.B. was behind the time manipulation after all. Which he was because Christian as M.I.B. told Ben to move the island causing the whole time displacement in the first place. This sending the Candidates back into the past and killing Jacob would've left know one but Sun if she was a Candidate. I don't know its just interesting I guess. Seems like it was another one of his layered plans. To me it always seems that M.I.B got a back up plan if one fails so it is not over yet.

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