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I think being the Smoke Monster is not that simple as it is "Evil"....I think that it's a state of mind. Was Mother the Smoke Monster? Maybe?...If not,she was in cahoots or controlling it.MIB was the Smoke Monster and Jack? I'm 90% sure he became the NEW Smokey and here's some of the facts and my thoughts on this....


1)Mother wiped out the village.

2)Jacob threw a half-dead or badly beaten MIB face down into the
source river,sending him into the inner cave and REVIVES the
Smoke Monster(Smokey was on the Egyptian glyphs which
pre-dates the Romans on the Island).

3)MIB's lifeless body lay at the "beaver damn" and Jacob
rounded it up.

4)There were skeleton(s) in the Source cave.

5)Jack was lowered into the Cave via rope.

6)Jack was at the Heart of the Source when it turned back on.

7)Hurley and Ben pull-up Desmond with the rope and got out
of there.They right-off and accept Jack as dead.

8)Several minutes after they leave,they show us the "beaver damn"
Jack's body mirrors that of MIB's body lying there.He comes to,
walks down the trail to the bamboo and dies.


1)The Smoke Monster of 43 A.D. destroyed the village(no way a
woman who was in her 90's who looked in her late 40's could
have done all that in a matter of 2-3 hours).

2)MIB was not dead going into the source.

3)Was MIB actually dead yet on the "beaver damn" or did he come
to when Jacob was carrying him back to the cave(He might have
died in his arms...we just didn't see it).

4)What's with the skeleton(s)? Did this happen all before?

5)So it is obvious that there is no way to get inside the cave
safely unless you are lowered in rope or some-kind of ladder.

6)Jack is not Desmond,so when the Source turned back on...Jack
should have been fried like Widmore's guy running the test on
Hydra Island....Something is def going on with Jack...????

7)Hurley and Ben pulled-up Desmond...PULLED-UP! The rope was not
attached or tied to anything....HOW DID JACK(who's mortally

8)The "beaver damn" scene was clearly trying to point out to us
that Jack's dying body took the Smokey express out of the cave.
The fair? Jack's soul,mind,and memories...JOKEY(That's right-
Jack+Smokey=JOKEY...you heard it here 1st) flew off and left
the body at it's normal drop-off spot....we just got to see
Jack finish dying(and even in facing death...Jack is tough and
took a long time to die).

...So that's what I think is going-on there.


Climb-up the rope first and have Hurley say..."Your
healed,dude"!...I mean...nothing would of happened to
Desmond.They could have got Des after and actually have Him and
Jack take an outrigger(Zoe never got to destroy the outriggers)
to the ELIZABETH and sail off the Island together.

AND....How come the Source water didn't heal Jack?

"If Jack was the NEW Smoke Monster...would he be Evil"?

NO...I think Smokey was a state of mind and how you look at it...

MIB was not Evil...he was Angry and damaged from being lied to and then being subjected to and discovering the truth of what the person he hates/resent the most was right the whole time.
So smokey was very destructive.

I think the Jack Smoke Monster(JOKEY),would not be like that....Jack was enlightened to the truth of the island while being the protector for a couple of hours. i think even though the smoke monster...Jack would co-exist peacefully with Hurley and Ben and would actually prob work something out to help kill himself so he could "just be done with it all".

So...I think Jack is the NEW Smoke Monster.

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