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All the questions were answered by Zutalurs

Everything involving the island or island life that's left "unanswered" can really be resolved with one simple explanation. That explanation is "Jacob made it that way because that's what he thought needed to happen." Whether intentionally or subconsciously, everything that occurred on the island was a part of the "rules" and Jacob, as protector of the light, made those rules.

Jacob was a pretty messed up guy though, very manipulated by his "Mother", and a lot of the choices he made and the rules he set in place may not seem rational, but they were his rules and it was his game to play.

Once Jack took his role, then Jack made the rules. Once Jack passed the title on to Hurley, then Hurley made the rules. The goal really was always to get someone in place who would make good rules and that was accomplished through Hurley.

It may not be the most satisfying answer, but it does cover all the questions about on the island.

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