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Okay here is my humble opinion and theory. I hope you have the time to read it because it is a STRONG case. 

For me, the best way to understand Lost is to take a look at this story from a thousand feet in the air. We have a terrible plane crash. We have a mysterious island. We have time travel. We have flash backs, flash forwards, flash sideways, different dimensions, a shape shifting evil black smoke monster, a noble and kind man in white, an energy that represents something that is better than life or death, and we have an ending that focuses on love and “moving on.” I don’t think the producers made this series as a pure Sci-Fi show in which the audience should take the events literally. Unlike a Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica series, the events as we see them are “real” events (as described by Christian) but are events on a long symbolic journey of redemption.

Almost every character in Lost in every world or dimension (flash backs are the exception) is dead. The main characters on the Oceanic trip were killed in the plane crash. Come on guys…do we really expect all of these characters to magically survive? A key thing to remember is that I don’t see this show as “Sci Fi” where things that could happen. Some on the plane “survived” some “died.” I take that as some moved on in their natural death (in the crash), and some had work to do on the island or in alternative dimensions (as Ben mentioned at the end).

Let’s explore what this island and other dimensions are. I believe these worlds, locations, timelines represent the transition between real life and heaven/hell. Call it purgatory, call it limbo, call it not being able to “move on.” In a very diverse show with so many religions and backgrounds, this notion could mean a lot of things to so many different “Lost” souls. These difference locations and timelines co-exist in a Lost soul’s journey to find redemption. We see in the end that the flash sideways is a conceived world by the souls to find redemption together. In the last episode when John Locke is healed after surgery, he says “you don’t have a son Jack.” This tells me that the flash sideways was a world contrived by the lost souls to avoid moving on. It takes each other’s constant to show them that it is time to move on and the world that they know it doesn’t exist.

The island proves to be a unworldly because it is a place where unbelievable and amazing things happen. It is a place where cancer is healed (Rose), paralysis is healed (Locke), and pregnancies don’t exist (Sun). These things happen because they have died. In the afterlife, these diseases, disabilities, biological events don’t exist or happen.

The island is also a place where second chances occur (Kate and Sawyer). As Jacob mentioned, these were individuals who were flawed. They were brought to the island by Jacob to prove that they will choose good after given free will. The MIB is the evil figure who tries to prove otherwise. He tries to corrupt and take the souls of the dammed. Virtuous characters who have found redemption are stared down by the Smoke Monster throughout the show. For example, Echo and John Locke. This is because these characters find true redemption on the island and will not be taken by the evil force. Echo finds redemption (with the help of his dead brother) on the island and “dies.” Sayid, Locke, Charlie, Charlotte, Boone find ultimate redemption in their own ways and “die.” Dying on the island or off the island means to me that they have moved on to heaven or hell. A simplistic approach maybe, but one that makes sense when following my logic.

Jacob brought them to this island for a reason. Jacob representing a heavenly figure wants to show the lost souls that free will will cause them to choose good (a very christian theme). He and the island gives them a second chance to show that they have corrected their flaws and are ready to move on. This notion is VERY consistent with the notion of purgatory. The events that we have seen on the show for the last six years are very real. But they don’t exist in the traditional sense. They exist in these transition worlds that these dead souls know. Once they realize that love is the answer and correct their flaws, they can move on. We have seen our characters find their redemption throughout the six years. The final scene in the church is when Jack finally lets go and moves on. He moves on in both worlds after choosing love (sacrificing himself) and connecting with his constant.

I think the ending was brilliant and I hope you enjoyed my novel.

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