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What do we see happen when mib enters the cave and comes out again...
What's actually going on here?

The light is the source of everything -life, death and rebirth.
the fact that it's all these things (assuming mother is telling the truth) makes me think it already has the right/perfect balance.

When people die, their light travels back to the source. There the process of being reborn takes place. The light is passed along into a new fresh body.

But what if your light hasn't gone out yet and you still go back to the source? Mib probably isn't dead as he merges with the light, so maybe the source has no choice but to take his light.

As a result the light remains and the rest (darkness or whatever we choose to call it)goes out. there's now an imbalance. One being that doesn't have a little light. Someone won't ever die and someone won't ever be reborn.

Now we get to jacob's job. Why is he protecting the light if noone can take it? He must prevent people from going in, because when they do the same thing will happen and more smoke (non-light entities) will get out. The light won't ever actually be put out, but as more and more people get out the same way mib did, the more darkness there will be. Eventually this will overshadow the light (and in this way put it out).

So what can this tell us about the end game?
My guess is that the only way to end the cycle is to return the light in smokey so that there's balance again between life, death and rebirth.

How one could do that is hard to say. It could be that mib's light is already on the island in some of our losties -which means mib is reincarnated in one of them.

Then again, the light might have been reborn outside of a body due to the imbalance mib created as he merged with the light. This light might actually be on the island. the reason i think that is because john locke saw it.

I can't say much for sure obviously, but mib going in, obviously unbalanced things, and the only way to set things right might be to bring the lost light back to the source.

This is the problem and this is the challenge. Once it's accomplished our show will be over.

I guess i didn't introduce too radical or new ideas here, but i hope i provided some new perspectives on already existing ideas.

Thank you for your time :)

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