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As I sat in my living room 20 minutes after LOST had ended i thought to myself how such a show would have such a profound impact on my life. As a devout christian college football player there are many things I can say that are most important including God, family, and sports.

Yet I couldn't help but think LOST deserved a spot on that list as well. I, along with all of you. Have spent over 120 hours devouting my life to discovering what the fate of passengers on a flight who crash on a deserted island.

The series finale of LOST proved to be the most profound and best 2.5 hours of television, ever. There was love, action, death, religion, symbolism, and most of all faith. Those who watched this show from the beginning can say that it took a lot of faith to do so.

It took faith in John Locke because he could walk. It took faith to hold on to the belief that season 2 wasn't a waste of time. It took faith to get through the months after Jack screamed "We have to go back." It took faith to decide if John Locke was special. It took faith to believe John Locke died for a reason. It took faith to see if Desmond would find his constant. But most importantly, it took faith to believe the ending would be amazing.

And it was.

But I'm here to let you all know that it isn't the ending that was rewarding, it was the journey.

For some, spoilers were their best friend. For others, spoilers were MIB hidden in a cloud of his own smoke.

Theories that included nanobots, egyptian gods, gardens of eden, purgatory, satan vs. jesus, and jacob vs esau hit up the cyber network.

But wasn't it all worth it?

Granted, many of you didn't like the ending... But please look at it from another person's perspective...

If you're not into art then can't you respect the romance behind this episode? If you're not into romance what about the action between Locke and Jack? If that didn't satisfy you how about the symbolism involving religions such as Christianity and Buddhism and even a classic movie series entitled "Star Wars."

Didn't you love that the show ended the way it started? Didn't you love that both Locke and Jack were looking down a hole, for Desmond? Aren't you glad Kate finally chose someone?!? How about the reunions for Sayid and Shannon, Claire and Charlie, Desmond and Penny, and Sawyer with Juliet.

No matter what you dislike, you can't hate all the aspects of this episode, much less this series. In a nutshell, this episode symbolized the entire series as a whole. There was something... and someone for everyone.

In conclusion, please don't hate this episode. Yes it might be hard to comprehend, yes it might not be what you thought it would be, heck it might've even been "stupid" to you. But respect the show itself and don't mock its creators.

We all have an opinion, but please respect others' as they respect yours...

Well those are my thoughts and it's getting late... Seeya in another life brothas... and sistas

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