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This is my first theory, be gentle ;)

I sat engrossed watching the Finale tonight and then proceeded to watch others post regarding their feelings regarding LOST. It was when I got to this person's post on ABC.com that got me going, because I too feel a little let down that some of the answers were not revealed, however I will let you know what I feel are the answers.

Here's the post that got my gears grinding


14 minutes ago

Oh, what a tangled web they weave. They wove such a tangled web that there was no way out, no way and no time to explain things, so they just ended it with everyone dead. What was it, a dream? Purgatory? They packed the series with meaningless filler then quit instead of bringing the series to a satisfying conclusion. The series could have been shown in one or two years, but they drug it out to six years for WHAT? Money? Greed? They took six years of my life and flushed it down the toilet. I'll never invest my time in another series like this. I am so pissed at Lost and ABC for grabbing and holding my fascination for six years then just leaving me hanging. They didn't explain ANYTHING. They said "it was never about the island, but about the people." My guess is that they didn't answer all those mysteries because they didn't KNOW the answers. The producers and writers never had a CLUE to the mysteries of the island. They built the suspense, then just wienied out."

I'm not entirely sure what this person wanted in general for an ending on LOST. It had to end some way, and it only ends once ;) Pretty Selfish Sally on this person's part though.

However, here's some ideas for some answers.

The writers have been using different references for the entire series, authors, filmmakers, scientists, everything.

So without further adieu, some theories on what things were.

Hurley Bird, Polar Bears and the Darmha Intitative, OH MY!!

These items were red herrings for the viewer. They even literally served us up a red herring in Season 5's finale. One only has to look at Stephen King to understand the reference. In the Dark Tower series, The Wastelands in particular, the charcters comes across a giant mechanical bear named Shardik. (a reference to Richard Adams, who in turn wrote Watership Down, which in turn was read by Sawyer in LOST) This bear was made by North Central Positronics LTD. All through the Dark Tower series this company kept popping up, always doing weird science. The similarites one can draw in astounding. We're never given an answer to this company and the same goes with the Darmha Intitative. When they started airing the 'Mysteries of the Universe' snippets before Season 6 and the Lost Experience previous to that, I was hoping they'd wrap up this mystery, Guess I'll have to 'let go'. The Hurley Bird was in the same vein, probably some weird experiment we'll never know the answer to.

The Numbers

This taps the same vein as the Darhma Intitative because I was hoping for an answer for the Valenzetti Equation. During the Lost Experience, we were introduced to this Equation which determined the end of the world. Hanso said the Intitative had been set up to change to core value of those numbers. Jacob used these numbers for his candidates. Do they mean anything?? I'm sure to hear backlash on this, but I do just believe it was just basic continunity that kept the numbers going. The whole idea was to get your head scratching and form your own conclusions. The Equation, yet again, was just another red herring. Jacob said it the best when Kate mentioned her name was crossed out.
"It's just a line of chalk in a cave." The numbers were just a way to keep us all connected.

The Flash-sideways

Instantly, the most debatable (and possibly hated) part of LOST. I went with it. I decided, "Ok, I've got down with polar bears out of their habitat and time travel, why not this?" Many people are postulating what Kimmel did on his show, that Jack died and flashed over when the plane hit turberlence. More evidence to support the theory, Rose telling Jack to let go. Many things that were said in that FS world had double meanings to it and I couldn't think of two better charcters that have already recognized their death than Rose and Bernard. I don't know what everyone else thought but when Jack started talking to Christian, I totally had a 'sixth sense' (no pun, I mean the movie) feeling when Christian explained that Jack was dead. It was a very deus ex machina way to go, however when millions want to know what happened to the lives of everyone they've watched for six years, there's no better or sweeter way to say that they all meet up when they die. Yes, it's cheesy, it's corny, or whatever other food it is, but it's fitting. It's fitting because there's an end.

How many of us would be pissed if, let's say, Jack plugs up the hole, switch to FS world to Jack with the coffin and Christian's there with Jack, but instead of explaining that the FS world was a waystation to the afterlife, Christian told Jack that he hadn't finished yet, that he didn't complete his journey and that the FS world is a possibility but only when his journey is truly complete. Then instead of Jack closing his eye on the island, he opens it and he goes through it all over again?

Trust me, it's an ending that has been done and as much as there is justice in THAT ending, there no end to it. It stipulates an ending, but cops out. The ending we got was the ending we truly wanted, even the haters have to admit, deep down, it did satisfy because it brought closure, no matter how it was presented.

This is getting long in tooth and I'm only at the tip of the iceburg with some theories. I may be back with more...

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