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I'm writing this on my Iphone so bare with me. In my opinion that was the best ending this show could ever hope to be. It ranks up there with the end of the x-files. I remember when the x-files ended I felt so happy to be a part of it and yet when the show ended such a emptiness. Something that I grew to love was gone. This will be my last post.

So here is my summary of the tv show that was anything but lost.

In the beginning there was a un named woman protecting the engine of life. At the base of this island lies maybe the oldest machine ever created, a light. Not a normal light, the warmest brightest light one’s eyes have ever seen. No one knows who made it, but it is responsible for the life, death, and rebirth of humanity. A passed down rule is no one can ever end the light.
One day a pregnant woman washes ashore. The woman protector assists in child birth then kills the children’s biological mother to ensure the purity of the children. Jacob and his brother were 2 of the last 3 babies born on this island. The woman protector raises the children as her own and grooms them to one day become the protector of the light I believe is the engine of life. As the children grow older one of them begins to feel there is more to the world then just the island. As this un named child grows older and more out of control he becomes so overwhelmed with his greed to leave the island that he begins to think if he can manipulate the light at the center he would have the power to leave this island. The woman protector loves this un named child so much, she does not have the will to protect the light from him. The woman protector passes the duty of the protector of the light to her other son Jacob who she loved in a different way. Jacob was one of those children so good you can’t help but hate him a little. By passing the protector duty to Jacob the un named child was able to kill her blinded his rage to find the light for himself and leave this island. Jacob seeing the only mother he knows dead makes the biggest mistake in the history of man and throws his un named brother in to the light. This act of rage creates a beast so evil that if ever allowed to leave the island humanity as we know it would cease to exist.

A game begins one side light one side dark. The only rule is neither bother by their own hands can harm the other brother. Yet each they both want to kill each other.

Being the protector Jacob is allowed to bring contestants to the island as nothing more than chess pieces. He handpicked folks who were not having such a good life and frankly could use the excitement of a good game. Jacob also designated certain contestants as candidates that were untouchable. Only free will or the other contestants could hurt a candidate.

This game went on for thousands of years. Jacob becoming tired of the game enlists to help of Richard to act as his stand in to the people he brings to the island.

In this last round Jacob stacked his army of others to setup the playing field. They basically constructed a runway and attempted to have children on the island to serve as possible candidates. Children who are born on the island are pure and special. The success of an island birth appears to be 1 in 5 billion.
In the meantime Jacob handpicked the rest of the chess pieces and loaded them on to Oceanic 815. The plane crashes and 40 some pieces survive. The un named brother who we will refer from here on out as Smokey begins picking off the non candidates and fooling the Oceanic 815 survivors to do his evil bidding to kill Jacob.

Smokey is a extremely hands on player however Jacob prefers sits
back and allows the chess pieces to fight to the death exposing the only truly strong.

Smokey fools one of the pieces (John) in to thinking the island needs to be moved. He tells him that the island needs moved or other people will be able to find it.

It can be a long discussion over if Jacob brought the freighter or Charles was able to detect the island energy over the hatch implosion. For this discussion let's say both. I say that because we learned later in s5 that the island is always on the move and even if Charles found where it was he has no idea where it's going.

So Smokey tricked John however Ben steps up to the plate by turning a wheel Smokey helped engineer. By doing so Ben sent the island spinning through time.

At the moment this happened some of the some of Jacobs candidate players were in the ocean so the island skipped time without them. Since the island left without these players the game could only go on if they came back. Smokey is able to fool John in to spinning that wheel and killing himself back in the real world to make the other players return.

Jacob knew his board was short of players so he enlisted the help of Eloise to help them find them find their way back to the island after Johns death guilt trips them to return.

So the missing pieces fly back. The plane drops out of the sky on the runway Jacob had built. He knew from the get go he would need it to bring the players back.

Because the wheel was turned the island was stuck in the 70s with the oceanic 815 left over’s so any of those players went to the 70s and anyone else stayed in the present time. However sun who gave birth back in the real world stayed in the present.
Smokey was able to take the body of John Locke, convince the game players he was special and lead a revolt on Jacob. Smokey as John fooled Ben in to thinking Jacob wronged him, so Ben stabbed Jacob.

During all of this in the 70s Jack is certain he can change the way things are by blowing up the hatch that caused his plane to crash. In my opinion Jack is spot on. Here is my logic.
The hatch is working and in use in s2. Ben goes to see the survivors of the 815 crash as Henry Gale. Ben living in the dharma housing and knowing the dharma history has no idea that any of the 815 survivors were ever in the dharma. If there is no reference of Jin, Jack, James, Juliet in the dharma when Ben goes to the hatch in s2 then whatever the incident that was the reason for the hatch nothing to do with the bomb that Jack set off. In other words the hatch was built for another reason.
Jack sets off the bomb sending the 815 survivors back to the present time. Thank goodness he did it. If not they would have been killed when the others gas the dharma people anyway. The others end up killing off all the dharma folks because there were getting too close to the light of the island. Jacob had Richard relay the orders.

Back in the present as Jacob is dieing tells Smokey that they are coming. Smokey realizes the candidates are back. Smokey did not think of this. Since Jack altered the past with the bomb they were physically transferred to the present. Since no one ever offered to be a replacement for all the remaining candidates had to be killed before Smokey is allowed to leave this island and wreak havoc on the world.

We begin to see a sideway flashes. We are led to believe this flash is the world that would have been if the island never existed since Jack set off his atom bomb back in the 70’s. A alternate universe.

As the candidates finally realize Smokey can't hurt them directly they step up for a fight. Jack the leader and a man who spent his entire life fixing problems accepts Jacobs’s old job.
Jack tricks Smokey to use one of the game players to put out the light. This made everyone just human. No powers. No rules. Jack was finally able to fight Smokey as a human. Kate kills Smokey by shooting him, however this island is crumbling and the light is out.

The island is in complete chaos. It is going to die and new life in the world is going to come to an end. To fix things Jack sacrifices his own life to relight the light and save the only players left in the game as well as new life. He crowns Hurley as the light protector before he saves the day.

Hurley sets Ben up as his number 2 as they protect the light for countless years.

What we thought of a flash sideways was a flash to the purgatory. The alt universe never existed because whatever happened happened. Jacks bomb did not change the present even knowing it had nothing to do with the incident.
In the purgatory there is no concept of time. So what we were seeing is what everyone thought of their life during their most important time as they wait for each other. They could have lived a thousand more years but after death in purgatory they were all waiting for each other to move on to the unknown together.

In the end everyone gathers in the purgatory where they are able help Jack remember his journey on the island and his heroic death.

So at the very end lost has nothing to do with the Oceanic 815 survivors being crashed on a unknown island. Rather it is waiting for all of them to remember their incredible journey together in purgatory before the next step in to the unknown.

Simply an amazing story.

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