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One of the things that has bothered me since Keamy first killed Alex is the mysterious "rules" that Ben kept referring to. We then hear about MIB finding a loophole to kill Jacob. A loophole to what exactly? The rules that Ben was referring to? Then we see the boy appear to Flocke and tell him that killing Jacob was against the rules, although technically he didn't actually kill Jacob.

So what are these rules? More importantly, who is governing the two entities? Rules imply there is a game or contest happening which means someone has to be overseeing "the game" otherwise, as ruthless as we've seen MIB/Flocke be, there would be no reason to follow the rules.

Other than the rule that MIB/Flocke can't directly kill Jacob/the candidates, he only rule that I have been able to deduct is there must be a certain duality on the island at all times. Two players in a game (one light, one dark as Locke said) and if one of them is not there or does not exist, there is no game. I think whatever form Smokey is in, he must have a counterpart on the island. When he took human form as MIB (possibly Jacob's brother or friend?), there had to be another player...Jacob. As long as he was using MIB as his human form, Jacob had to exist.

This is what I think the loophole is. I think he stopped using the MIB human form because he knew there was no way he was going to get Jacob killed. The island's inhabitants were loyal to Jacob so they would not kill him (Jacob's loophole). Jacob loved the island and wanted to stay there and as long as Jacob stayed on the island, MIB had to be there. The only way he could be free of Jacob was to take another human form who had a counterpart that could possibly be killed.

Which brings me to finding the new Jacob...it's not about finding a new Jacob, it's about finding out who John Locke's counterpart is. The names on the wall weren't candidates to replace Jacob, they were candidates to replace MIB and once Smokey took the form of John Locke then it was all a matter of figuring out who was Locke's counterpart from the remaining candidates and having them killed. No one is loyal to anyone on the island so it wouldn't be hard to have someone killed.

The game I believe is to see if Smokey can have his counterpart killed before there is no one left that could kill them. As for who is governing it, I have ZERO idea about...the island maybe but who knows. If Jack and Locke are the only two left on the island, then Smokey loses and has to stay there as long as Jack is alive. The island heals you and I believe makes you live forever (not Jacob's touch). Jack is clearly the new Jacob IMO, all the other people are just pawns Smokey/Flocke can use to have Jack killed. If Jack is smart, he will eliminate everyone else and win the game. When it comes down to it, can Jack kill Hurley, Sawyer, KATE, Richard, Myles, etc.?? If he can't, the game won't end.

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