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Jacob/Sayid VS. Locke/MIB by Makenna

So we all saw the last episode with Sayid. I noticed that in the last episode that Sayid was like himself again. We all thought that Sayid was lke locke that he had come to locke's side. But when I saw the last episode i changed my mind. I reviewed what all I had seen and came to this conclusion.

My theory is that Sayid became Jacob the reason why I think this is because in the last episode he was so nice and sacrificed his own life for everyone else.Another reason is because he changed back into his normal self but Locke hasn't and he's been like this longer than Sayid has. I remeber that in the episode that Sayid came alive again before he sat up Hurly kept starring at somthing but you didn't see anything. That's when Sayid woke up. Also in last years season finale Sayid got shot at almost the same time that Jacob got killed so they were kinda connected and that's why Jacob chose Sayid's body.

Why did Hurly keep seeing Jacob? My theory is that he didn't want anyone to know especially not Locke that he had taken Sayid's body. He knew that if Locke found out he would probably try to kill Sayid and he didn't want him to do that so he made Sayid act like a zombie when he was around Locke but when he wasn't around Locke he was like Sayid or Jacob.

Why did the temple people think Sayid had an evil spirit in him? my theory is that they might have not beenable to see if he had in evil spirit in him because jacob is magical so he could make a shield so that they couldn't see and thaey just guessed it. Also at the time they did not know that Jacob was dead so they might have got the results that it was Jacob but did not believe it and just assumed it was a trick by the evil spirits. That is my theory!

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