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I had a very brief thought recently as to the possible meaning of the Sideways timeline. The thought is as follows:

What if the big 'trick' that the writers are playing on us consists of making us think that the Sideways universe is happening concurrently to the events on the Island that are currently transpiring? I think that the Sideways timeline could be happening along with the events of season one. I have not checked this part of the theory against actual events, but I wonder if you would find a correlation between the events in the Sideways and events during season one and season two. I think that it is possible that Desmond was brought to the Island to do 'something' (in 2007/2008) when the Sideways timeline reaches the point at which he originally turned the failsafe key in the Main Timeline (which was about 65 days after the plane crashed). What if the bomb that seemed to segue into Jack on the plane merely caused the first instance of 'observation' between the two timelines? A sort of Schrodinger's Cat situation, maybe?

So, there you have it. Perfectly incoherent.

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