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After having seen "Across The Sea", I´ve reached the following overall theory about the Black Smoke/Guardian/Inmortality:

1-BLACK SMOKE is a Mix of Dead People on the Island:
We certainly know that MIB is the smoke monster. But so is Locke.
What if the whispers are the souls trapped in the island as Walt´s father told Hugo, all conform The Black Smoke?

2-BLACK SMOKE is also The Fake Mother of Jacob/Man In Black:
She destroyed MIB colleagues village and put Man in black out of the well so that he would not progress his works with the donkey wheel, filling up the well with soil. The grade of devastation and violence only could have been provoked by an unstoppable nature force as is the black smoke. Therefore BLACK SMOKE also can be some especial alive people like Mother

3-INMORTALITY:Mother tells Jacob not to ever go into the light source. She says it is worse than death (that has to be to live forever and watching die all the people you love). She knows better because she has been to the core light and that is why she is INMORTAL. We have not seen it yet but Jacob lives thru the years therefore he at some point goes into the light and is INMORTAL as well. And "Jacob made me like this"-Richard is INMORTAL because at some point Jacob made Richard go into the light. I believe The Inmortals can only die if stalked by the Curvy Daga, before they say a word. Thats how Mother died (thanking MIB for releasing her for being inmortal+the guardian). Jacob died the same way and that is why Jacob did not oppose Ben:It is a relief to die. MIB is not inmortal, he already entered the light Dead and became part of the Black Smoke.Therefore MIB talking with Jacob at the end of Season 5 and in AB AETERNO, is the black Smoke taking Form of MIB, but not MIB alive nor inmortal. Sayd Jarah tried to kill Fake Locke with the daga before he talked but it did not work for the same reason.

I am not sure about the Wine, but so far, the three proved inmortal people of the show have drunk that wine:Mother,Jacob and Richard.

4-LAST BUT NOT LEAST: The Black Smoke is capable of taking forms of the dead people PLUS forms of people in the thoughts of those that Black Smoke does not kill. Examples:

-Daughter of Ben
-Brother of Eko
-Wife of Richard

Previously the Black Smoke has to scan their minds as we have been shown in the series several times

I DO believe 6x15 was AWESOME and do not understand disappointed reactions very well. This is the best television run EVER.
Thanks for reading, please share with me your thoughts.

There is one huge mistery for me to be resolved: When Sawyer killed Anthony Cooper in the Black Rock, being proxy of Locke.
Ben tried to make Locke kill him himself but locke could not (Daga?). Ben said to Locke that Locke HAD BROUGHT HIM. In the end of Season 5 things turn the other way and is Fake Locke that uses Ben as a proxy for killing Jacob. That resemblance has to be explained, as well as the character of Anthony Cooper that still holds a lot of mistery. I believe there is something else behind Anthony Cooper interferring with Sawyers parents as a child, in the end provoking their death. All this is related to the theory described above

Only one more thought: Jack Jumping from the boat is the diferenciating act between the Oceanic Six Failure that resulted in all of them having to go back to the island. Sawyer was not the one supposed to jump from the chopper. Sawyer was not the one to be with Juliet, nor jack with Kate. Thats why David the son of Jack, has Juliet as a mother in the Sideways Time Line. Bet my neck.

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