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The Cycle Never Ends by sugarFree

After 'Across the Sea', I'm really beginning to believe that the cycle will not end. LOST was a window into this cycle, and said cycle will just repeat itself, again and again. We are looking at one interval of the cycle. How fitting and esoteric for LOST to say, "Hey, it never ends. Good and evil will always battle."

What has me believe this is how much Desmond reminds me of the Man in Black. Desmond is referred to as 'special', just like young MiB. Desmond assumes he will be able to go home to Penny, and when he can't, will desperately want to leave the Island, just like MiB. Jack is clearly the Candidate to replace Jacob, but I think ultimately, Desmond will get screwed, want to "go home", and replace MiB.

Desmond can handle immense electromagnetism, and could get pushed into the magic light tunnel, just like MiB. Eloise Hawking is an Island connected mother who wanted her first son, Daniel Faraday, to be special; instead, her son-in-law via Widmore is the special one. Not to mention the fact that Jack is the center of the on-Island world, and Desmond is kind of the center of the ALT.

I know most assume LOST will end with the 'end' of this so-called game. But I really think the big twist is that it doesn't end. Why would they waste so much time with Candidacy, replacing Jacob...if as soon as Jack replaces Jacob, he solves everything and leaves the Island? It doesn't seem logical that Darlton would have invested so much time into the rules/ways of Candidacy, only to throw it all away as soon as the Candidate is chosen.

Jacob never once makes clear that he is trying to end anything. 'Across the Sea' proves Jacob is just looking for a replacement, as well as trying to find the good in humans. I really don't think he's trying to move the light, or destroy the Island, or anything of the sort. I think he just wants someone to fill his role, and that is what he will get.

So the show ends with Jack and Desmond playing the same Senet game on the beach, and they repeat the lines, "Two sides, two players. One light, one dark." And that's it. LOST ends.


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