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This is actually a two parter.

The first happened to be an interesting coincidence I figured I'd share. Remember the list Michael was given in Season 2 of Losties to bring back in exchange for Walt. The following names were on that list: Jack, Hugo, Sawyer(James), and Kate.

After the past episode I got to thinking about the importance of those left alive. What is interesting though is that the four names on that list (way back when) are of four individuals that just survived the submarine escape. Even the Candidates that were on the sub (Sayid, Sun, and Jin)but not on that list are now dead.

Up until this point Kate has played a critical role. She was in the lighthouse wheel and she was on that original list presumably from JACOB. She must be important. As for the rest Jack, Hurley, and Sawyer I think its obvious why they are still around. Also, Wouldn't it be cool if the KWON candidate was in fact the daughter Ji-Yeon. We were too busy wondering if it was Sun or Jin and then it turns out to be neither.

THE SECOND PART is about who shot at our Losties as they were shifting through time. You remember the scene in SEASON 5 THE LITTLE PRINCE when they take the canoe out and get shot at while they are paddling just before they time travel again.

We know that we haven't seen a shoot out like this yet. The timing is interesting. It is possible that it is about to happen in our on island. Let me explain.

The Losties are traveling on the canoe were John(the original), Charlotte, Daniel, Miles, Juliet, and Sawyer. They begin to be shot at by what appears to be 3 people. Juliet turns around and fires her gun at them. One of these mysterious men appears to be shot.

Here is the kicker. What if these three men were Richard, Ben, and Miles traveling to try an blow up the Ajira plane. They might be following what appears to them to be FLOCKE and his followers. They are on the canoe perhaps for easy travel around the island. Wouldn't it be dramatic for them to be shot. Think, they are on a mission to stop FLOCKE, then they see a canoe with him in it. The time shifting Miles says to Juliet "Are these your people?" and she responds "No, are they yours?" This would be funny if Miles was the one shooting from the other canoe.

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