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Okay so in this theory I'm going to take a stab at the Jacob and M.I.B. feud.

Jacob- Jacob is trying to prove to M.I.B that humanity is not corrupt. He tries to prove this by bringing people to the Island. It can be interpreted that Jacob has been doing this for thousands of years. When Richard asked where are they to Jacob. He said they were all dead. This doesn't work well for me. It shows that M.I.B is always winning this game. M.I.B. is always managing to kill off every individual that Jacob brings to the island. Now were these previous dead people Candidates? Hopefully an upcoming episode will answer this question. Now I always saw Jacob as the good guy. However, he's also a jerk. Jacob seems to only care about the end result. He doesn't really care if everyone is manipulated and dies in the process by M.I.B. Thank God Richard said, "if you don't step in he will." I think this sort of changed Jacob's game plan. Personally, I think Jacob is symbolizing god by the white shirt. However, if Jacob is god then he's dead. I don't think he's god in the ethereal since. It seems like this is twisting mythology. People are playing out the roles of good and evil. If that was the case someone was god before Jacob. Jack may just be the next Jacob/god in line.

M.I.B.- he's evil. If anyone thought he was good that discussion is now over. He killed Jin, Sun, Sayid, Eko and maybe Frank. He may have indirectly killed thousands of people. This quote bugs me a lot. Here it is, "It doesn't become you Jacob?" Now here's the question is it referring to the smoke monster. Was M.I.B a man and somehow became a candidate to become the smoke monster/devil. I have no idea. I noticed Jacob smirked when Richard asked if he was the devil. He said "no". However, if he is guarding the cork to darkness/hell/malevolence wouldn't that make him the devil? Its almost like he's Charon. The smoke monster is called Cereberus by the dharma folks. Wasn't Cereberus a guard to the underworld. Now if Cereberus in Greek mythology just got up and left wouldn't hell escape. This seems to be a problem and maybe the answer. M.I.B. has gone rogue and is now not fullfilling its function within the rules. He's sick of Jacob, the island and he wants out. He kill everyone in his way to get out or go home.

Jack- what will he do. I think he will become the new Jacob. I also think that Jack may go agaisnt Jacob in the sense that he will become Jacob but collaborate with smokey. Either way the game is done with Jack. He's going to fix this messed up game the two have been playing for a few thousand years. He may prove Jacob right by being incorruptible or someone else will. My guess Smokey succeeds and has a change of heart. He wins, however, something happens maybe M.I.B. changes his mind in going home. M.I.B tries to divert the damage he created. The island sinks with Smokey. It explains why there's no darkness in the alternate reality. The alternate reality exists because the island events already happened. Its like a chain. We will see the island sink in the on island world. Will see the conclusion in the alternate. The conclusion has to do with Desmond rallying the troops. Is M.I.B going home in the alternate. Is there going to be a battle rivaling one seen in The Stand. I hope so that would be cool.

Pregnancy issues- This is quick. Hopefully, someone will expand on this idea. I believe M.I.B is killing the pregnant women on the island. He is preventing the kids from being born becuase maybe he thinks the pregnant women are carrying Candidates. At some point M.I.B has no reason to do this anymore. Probably because he knows that the Candidates are actually adults. As for Aaron he might be special. I would like to see how he fits into all of this.

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