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(I know people have theorized about this but I don't read them all and thought maybe I had something new, so here goes)

I just watched the episode where we meet Miles for the first time and it got me thinking about the timing of it all.

The first time we see him is exactly one episode after Hurley had a talk with (dead) Charlie at Santa Rosa. Now it could be just a coincidence but I think it's a major hint that one of them isn't really speaking to the dead.

In the previous episode (The beginning of the end) Hurley got lost in the jungle and stumbled upon Jacob's cabin. It isn't until after this that Hurley gets the power to communicate with the dead.

Never before on the show have we heard of anyone having the ability to speak to the dead and now within 2 episodes we find out that 2 people can?

It could be a coincidence but it would be an odd one. I think the MIB was in Jacob's cabin and somehow got inside Hurley's head and has been messing with him ever since.

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