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Number 108 by Andreas

So I've been thinking about these important Numbers, and I wanted to share my thoughts with every Lost fan here!

In an episode this season we saw the number 108 in a Lighthouse with the name: Wallace.

I think this person could be very important!

I think, Wallace is just a nickname like Jeremy Bentham.
But this time, it isn't John Locke, but..DESMOND HUME!

You're probably wondering, why the hell does he think that?

We all have met Desmond, as the Hatch-Man in season 2.
- He was the one who put the numbers in the computer every ''108'' minutes
- We also saw the ''108'' minutes on Penny's clock when Desmond turned that Key in the Hatch.
- The song Make your own kind of music that Desmond plays in the hatch is stopped by the explosion after ''1:08''
- I also found another funny coincidence, the name 'Wallace' makes me think of William Wallace, who was also Scottish! It could be a sign.

Another thing I would like to share:

4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 + 42 = 108

We all know, that Desmond has a strong connection with every Candidate, especially in the alternative reality, he want's to make sure that everyone remembers their 'previous' life.
(That's probably the reason why he hit Locke with his car)

Does it mean anything? Maybe I'm completely wrong, but I just wanted to explain my theory why Desmond could be number 108.

I'm sorry for my bad English! I hope you understood me!

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