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just a few thoughts by DToccs

I have 3 points that I would be interested to see others opinions of and rather than clutter up the site with many different posts I'll just put them all here, please reply to any point you wish. So here goes.

1. Part of Kelvin's con on Desmond was getting him to inject himself with the "vaccine" every 9 days. As we know there is no sickness in the air, it can't be for that. However DHARMA developed this drug for something.
Also while Claire and Aaron have both been injected a few times each, Desmond is the only character who has used the drug consistently for 3 years.
My theory is that the consistent use of the "vaccine" could be what has given Desmond his talent to survive electromagnetism.

2. I am slightly confused over some the Man in Blacks actions in season 5. Why would he tell Ilana he had been brought back from the dead and then just leave Locke's body to be found. Most people would search the cargo hold of a crashed plane for supplies, but would normally leave a coffin alone and unopened unless of course there was some guy running around camp saying he had come back to life.
Secondly why would he seem or act legitimately suprised when Ceasar mentioned Hurley was on the plane. Ceasar had no idea who Locke was or that he knew Hurley. The Man in Black already knew the O6 were on the plane because he had already met Sun and showed her the class of 77 photo.
I understand that these thing were done purely to make the audience think that Locke was indeed alive again, I was just wondering if anyone could come up with an in story explanation.

3. When Ajira 316 went missing presumed crashed, no doubt a passenger list would have been released, at which point it would be discovered that 5 of the Oceanic 6 were on board yet another crashed plane. I wonder what sort of headlines that made.

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