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Okay..... I finally figured it out. for real this time. Sorry if it's scatterbrained, but i'm just so excited that i finally got it.

The man in black has a vessel for leaving the island. it isn't a sub, it isn't a plane. It's claire... and I can damned near PROVE it.

Hasn't the man in black been rather protective of claire as of late? well, i can tell you exactly why that is, and it all boils down to one line from the pilot. "I haven't felt the baby move since the crash."

We now know that the MIB can possess a dead body that comes to the island, aka locke. but what about a stillborn aaron? that's a dead body, isn't it?

Why did the MIB lure claire off and make sure she didn't get on the helicopter in season four? why does he continue to protect her, and why didn't he let her get on the sub? He didn't need the sub and he didn't need ajira 316, because he had already placed a part of himself in her stillborn baby. He already had a "vessel".

Why the name aaron? " I don't know, it just sort of came to me..." - claire

yeah... right. I assure you that the reason we havent heard his name is beacause it holds significance. If his name were jerry or ryan, or Fauntleroy the 13th they could've just said it... but they didn't, because it is Aaron.

Doesnt that make the recurring lullaby all the more creepy? she was singing it while smokey killed everyone in the temple. a warped version played at the end of sundown as well. and it played out of the music box.... the clues are staring us all in the face, and we all missed it. Good lord, damon and carlton are freaking brilliant!

I'm unsure which timeline smokey will manifest in as aaron, but it's definately "the loophole"

furthermore, when claire got her fortune told, and it was rather... unsettling to the psychic, do you think he saw the man in black inside her? mabey, the end of the world resting in her womb? I think he did. "He must be raised by you, noone else..." i think that points to the current timeline.

Also, why were pregnant women and their offspring dying? perhaps the island, or jacob, was killing them to prevent just such an occurance? Perhaps that is also why people couldnt leave? or have an off island baby? (which is why widmore was exiled, and also wanted little alex killed)

It wraps up so many loose ends and answers so many questions that it simply can't be wrong.

there are so many things that point to this. please comment away and add to the theory, cuz i really think i hit gold this time.

So tell me, do i win the theory section, or what? hehehehe

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