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My Take on The End by Bethany

First off, I am happy with the ending. I feel as though it was a great way to end and explain the final season, but maybe not the series as a whole. A LOT of mysteries went unanswered. But then again, the debate and discussion of Lost has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of the show. So for them to answer everything would take that away from us and thus deprive us of the ability to do that further after its finale.

And I am sure many are seeing the similarities in Narnia and Oz. As soon as I realized what was happening to the end of Lost, I thought of Narnia. But seriously, watch "Star Trek Generations" to better understand this Purgatory-type existence we've watched over the last season. In it, the Nexus is a place where there is no time and you can create a life for yourself that is your happiest, but those living in it just know that something is not quite right.

In Star Trek, they are not dead in this place and can leave, but in Lost the writers have made it a place you go when you die. A place to go until your soul is ready to move on to... heaven, the next life, whatever your belief is - the story fits.

Our characters have died and have created for themselves as happy an "existence" as they can. The island was never destroyed by the bomb, they just created that event so they could erase any island memories from their current "life." Jack's son David was never born. Jack needed to invent that so he could be the great dad he always wanted to be. Sawyer was never a cop. Sayid wanted to be with Nadia, but never felt himself worthy and wanted better for her, so he doesn't get to be with her even in his own "perfect world." Etc.

The characters you see at the end in the church are their souls. These are the faces we, the audience, recognize and love. So to visually show us their reunion, we need to see their souls in a form we know. That is why Kate and Sawyer look the same, even though they likely lived on to old age.

And to clarify to the many who are mistaken, the island and all the flashbacks we saw before it - happened. It was all real. They did not die in the Oceanic crash. The island was a place, on earth, where the light has a home. A piece of that light also is in every man and where we go to when we pass on - a collective of other souls all carrying that light.

In THIS piece of the island's story, Jacob called people to the island. Maybe to learn more about the outside world that he never got a chance to live in. We know he could go off island, but he couldn't remain there developing relationships and learning about people first hand. He could only watch from a distance. So bringing them to him was the only way he could learn best how to protect the island and to eventually find his replacement. He wasn't a god or even a supernaturally endowed genius - just a man.

According to the mother, the light was needing protection from man. Originally, it was not the "smoke monster" that was its only threat. Jacob's creation of this arch-nemesis was his own undoing and created a new threat to the light. It seems the mother may also have become altered by descending into the light as she was able to wipe out the villagers in smokey-style, but what she may have looked like and her intentions were completely different. I think she could take on another form, but was still resolute in being the guardian of the island. Mayhaps, many of the previous island protectors ended up as another form due to their contact with the light, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it made them evil as in the case with Jacob's brother.

Maybe this is too far-fetched? But to think that if the Man in Black had been made very powerful and was able to put out the light and destroy the island, then there would be no way, or no where, for man to "move on" - having all souls cursed to live an illusion and never be able to get out and discover the pure happiness beyond.

Thus, I think it is safe to assume that during Hurley's reign of the island, there was no "monster." Only the need to protect the island and keep the light safe from passing travelers.

Some points I'd like to make:

~ Kate's statement to Jack at the end when she touches his face explained a lot to me. She says, "I've missed you for so long." This tells me that when our characters had their flash of reality, they saw their WHOLE lives - not just the island piece. We just didn't get to see that, because it wouldn't have made sense to us. If Kate had just had a flash only moments ago, she would only JUST NOW remember the island and Jack. But she had a flash of the remaining long years that she had had to live without him.

~ Eloise Hawking is in the same state as Ben in the end. She knows she is dead, she knows they all are, but she is not ready, or does not want to, move on. Maybe she is waiting for Daniel to understand in his own time - and he is almost there.

~ Certain people were not in the church because this is not the group they would want to move on with. Everybody in the church cared very much for each other. A real deep love and closeness that they wanted to carry over to the other side. Walt was not there because he barely knew these people. Walt would want to move on with his wife and children and his grandmother, etc. Ben will be moving on soon with Alex and Danielle. Miles will be going with his father.

~ Christian has been a shepherd all along. He was trying to help them do what needed to be done and get where they needed to go throughout the entire series.

~ Jack's "appendix" scar in the beginning of LAX was the knife wound he received from MIB. His body had a scar that his mind could not explain. So in his illusion of life, he had his mother tell him it was an old appendix scar. There. He can go on "living" with this answer. But somewhere deep down he knows it is not correct.

Further more, I hope most of the comments posted in comments areas reflect the awesome creativeness and uniqueness of show we have enjoyed for the past 6 years. Yes, all the questions didn't get answered. But so what, really. Make up your own conclusions and debate them with people. But please don't say the whole series sucked because you didn't get an explanation for every little thing.

My serious suggestion for anyone that reads a negative comment and gets upset - is to just ignore it. PLEASE! I hate reading through comments and having to bypass hundreds of posts saying, "i hate, hate, hate".."well, if you don't like it, don't watch it, idiot." Ignore the haters. You can't change their mind, so don't even try. Don't feed them and maybe they'll go away.

Let's just enjoy and have a friendly discussion and remember fondly the show that we have loved and stuck with no matter which direction our head was spinning.

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