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Live Together, Die with the Dog by Alder

Ok so basically I'm just sharing my interpretation of why Vincent was present in the final moment of LOST.

We all remember Jack's early season 1 line, "If we can't live together, we're going to die alone." and the recurring "live together, die alone" message thereafter.

Skip all the way forward to the very end, and here we have Jack, ready to die, and die alone. But come on, Jack is the hero of LOST so it would be a cruel and somewhat ironic fate for him to actually die alone, so in comes Vincent, who lays beside him to accompany him in his final moments so that he didn't have to die alone after all.

Why Vincent? That's simple; had it been a human character we would have been left with this scene where whatever character it was is there crying and telling Jack not to die, which would have completely taken away from the power and beauty of the scene, which is supposed to be about Jack, not Jack and whichever crying friend. So instead they give him Vincent. Vincent doesn't cry, he doesn't plead for Jack to hold on. He just lies down beside him and sees him off quietly, because it's his time to go. This for me was as poetic and moving as it could have possibly been.

So yeah that's my 2 cents. Here's to a great show which can never be matched. It's been cool reading everyone's thoughts whether I agreed with them or not. Peace :)

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