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The Mystery Box by billyjoe3362

To take a break from all of the constant fussing about the final episode and why it sucked, or why it was amazing (which by the way, if you follow my posts at all you should know I thought it was absolutely amazing), I want to touch on a different reason of why I love lost. This, instead of focusing on the ALT reality and the characters, i want to touch on the mystery side of it.

If you have not seen this video, i suggest you watch it, because it really talks alot about how J.J. created the show and what led him to do it.


In the video, J.J. talks about something called the mystery box. In this case, the mystery box is the magic set from his childhood which has not been opened. Because of this, we do not know what is inside. This is the mystery.

Now, the key to any good mystery box is that you do not know what is inside. The mystery box represents endless possibilities. When this box is opened, you find out what is inside, and the mystery is solved.

In almost every way, LOST is like the mystery box. We are presented with many questions, and even if those questions are answered, more come up. Many people believed that at the end of the show, we would get all of the answers. But that is not what the show is about.

Like the mystery box, LOST is about the unknown. It's about the unanswered questions. LOST represents endless possibilities. Did you honestly expect Damon and Carlton to explain time travel. No. They don't give us these answers for the same reason magicians never tell you how they did their trick. Once you find out, the mystery is solved.

Think of it this way, would the amazing power and capabilities of a bolt of lighting be as amazing if we were told exactly how it happens? No. It is the unknown that captivates people.

Food for thought


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