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my take by Erica

Ok so I have watched this show faithfully for six years. I still have some unanswered questions but it wouldn't be LOST if I didn't. I loved the ending....I really did. I fully believe everything on the island happened. The sideways flashes were in a spiritual realm taking place in the minds/souls of the those who died, but the actual events on the island really happened. I think that Claire and Kate, Sawyer, Miles and the pilot really got off the island as Jack saw overhead. I think that Claire was able to find Aaron and finish raising him. I think Sawyer lived his life and Kate hers. Perhaps they all grew to be old men and women but the reason they looked the way they did in the church is that the last scene was about Jack and his "letting go" moment, his crossing over.

They were all visualized in the church the way Jack remembered them, because it was his moment. They had their moment's too, we just didn't see all of them. If you notice, Kate had a black dress on when she arrived at the church with Jack, but when he finally entered where the people were waiting she had on different clothing. This said to me she and the others were there in the manifestation/form they were to help Jack move on. She may have already moved on. Claire appeared with Aaron as a baby in the sideways flash to help Charlie and Kate remember and "let go." I think some of them were able to move on easily like Rose and Bernard. They were in sideways flashes to help Locke and Jack but they didn't seem to need any help themselves. Ben, I think as he has been from the beginning is stil on the fence, unsure of which way he will go. I think Hurley stayed on the island a long time, guarding it, helping others who came there. Helping Desmund get off the island and back to Penny and Charlie. I think Desmund is definitely special, though I'm not 100% sure how he works. I think after he died he was able to remember everything for everyone...perhaps a result of goin in the light? I'm not sure. Penny was there as Jack remembered her though who knows how long she lived. I think Elowese is dead too or at least her son is but she wants desperately to keep him alive as he is in her mind/spirit, she isn't ready for him to move on. She killed him afterall on the island and has guilt for how his life turned out. All in all I loved the ending. For those who keep saying they all died in the crash, I disagree. The whole point of the last scene was to show there really was a crash and there really was and island and there really were survivors. (notice the little shelters set up on the beach) Oh and a living Vincent lying next to a dying Jack. The island was real and what happened happened.

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