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Live Together, Die Together by James Shephard

Could we have had a more fitting, better suited episode to end this legacy of a television series? No, we honestly, most definately could not.

My theory is that like the "sideways universe" visitors, we all need to 'remember' the story of 815 as a whole to truly see the magnificance of 'The End'.

Seconds after the final credits rolled, I visted Dark's site to join in with the excitment after this 6 year journey had reached its climax. Only to discover that this episode is almost as polarizing as 'Across The Sea'.

I've been a hardcore fan ever since the beginning and so I do kno how fickle we can all be when judging and scrutinizing the show. From continuity errors to CGI. But we got so much more this way, than we would have ever got were we given even some of the answers we were waiting for.

I'll use 'Across The Sea' to make sense of what I mean. In 'Across The Sea' we were given an entire episode to explain the origins of Jacob and Adam (MIB). But when TPTB sat us down and unraveled the mystery for us, a HUGE portion of the fan community were left dissapointed, saddened and feeling empty due to the fact that the answer was not what they were hoping for.

Every fan, including myself, has an idea as to what the answers to LOST's questions are and we all think/hope we're correct. For those of us hoping that Jacob and Adam's history was going to be more angels-and-demons-y, more God-vs-Satan-like, more trapped-deity-esque, etc, we were sadly mistaken, and more worryingly, we didn't like being wrong at all.

I freely admit, I was one Lostie who was dissapointed deeply after watching 'Across The Sea'. All my theorys on Jacob, on his purpose, on his humanity, on his history, all dashed in one hour. Through 6 years of unwavering loyalty to the show and faith in its storytelling, I, like many others, lost faith in the writers' ability to satisfactorily wrap up the show at this point.

But after watching 'What They Died For'. It reminded me that it was the 815 survivors that this show has always been about. Our 6 year love affair with LOST has been built on the mysteries we've encountered through the eyes of the 815ers. Built on our discussions with family, friends and other fans all over the world about what we believe the answers to be. Theorizing left, right and center. I realised that having the answers we craved so long for, defeats the spirit of the show; the intrigue.

With my faith restored, I watched The Finale in the minority of people who figured it was best not to have all the answers. The final episode was just that. No answer to Walt, no answer to The Egyptians, no answer to The Black Smoke, no answer to The Food Drop or The Lighthouse or Jacob's Cabin or Hurley and Miles' respective abilities.

From reading what the displeased of us Losties have to say on The Finale, this is what has upset them so much. The fact that 'The End' left SO much unanswered. But in doing so, the writers have allowed us to keep the thing that has made all of us fall in love with this show from Day 1. The Questions.

Lets imagine we WERE given answers to our questions. Just like we were priviledged to with Jacob and Adam's backstory. We as fans would only be left feeling disheartened when the answer turned out to be something we didnt like again as with 'Across The Sea'.

Instead we were rewarded with the enablement to keep our discussions alive forever and given true closure to our beloved characters.

I've also been reading about how some people are against the church scene as its far too religiously biased. In response to that, I feel its important to point out that the show has always dabbled in themes of religion, mythology and science and the connection of all three. The church scene was not about religion however, it was about faith. The stained glass window in the Jack/Christian scene depicted symbols of numerous religions, the message being that no matter the religion, there is faith behind all of them. In the end, it is faith and belief that has driven all of our characters to the very end and so completely fitting that their final surrounding represents their motivation in life. Faith.

In my opinion, 'The End' has far exceeded the expectations of us Losties. Even if we've yet to realise it.

Matthew Fox described it best: Beautiful.

I hope I have helped some people see past what they didn't get from 'The End' and realise what they DID get. And for those I have not been able to convince, then I truly hope in time, you'll be able to Let Go.

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