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Ok, I'm sure that there a million holes in this theory. However, I can't get past the general premise of most of the current theories.

It seems that the general consensus is:

1)Everything on the island actually happened & the island was not a purgatory (-type) place.

2) The ATL was purgatory

OK, if the island story was NOT purgatory & everything there actually happened, then where is this island & why are there so many unexplainable (and unexplained in the show)happenings from the island? In buying into this theory, we're essentially saying "Yeah, of course, everything that happened on this mystical island makes sense. It's only the ATL that does make any sense & therefore is not 'real'"

My half-a**ed theory is this:

a) Everybody died when the plane crashed.

b) The island is indeed purgatory. All of our main characters were good people at their core but committed sins that made entrance directly into heaven an impossibility. They were put on the island to be "tested" by forces of good & evil to see which way they should go (i.e. move on to heaven or move on to hell). Events on the island are tests of character and/or faith. And, since this is not 'real life', there is no need for any of them to be connected or to make any real sense.

c) The ATL was the "afterlife" (i.e. post-death AND post-purgatory) for these characters.

We see the ATL / afterlife change based on choices made on the island (and/or pre-island choices that they have not necessarily atoned for ON the island).

The first time through (seen in flash forwards & then in the Oceanic 6 episodes), everybody pretty much blows their choices on the island or they have not done anything to atone & they are living their own personal "hell" off the island. Jack is flat-out miserable; Sayid is assassinating people, Kate is wracked with guilt about Claire; Sun is living as a single mom that is vengeful to Widmore...

They "have to go back" to the island in an attempt to make better decisions & alter their after-life and make it happier place (i.e. heaven instead of hell).

The second time through at the island...
Jack finds faith & does all kinds of heroic things... so his afterlife has changed from hellish to heavenly - he has a kid, he's doing miraculous surgeries again, etc. Sayid does his heroics on the sub... in his new heavenly afterlife, he gets to help his former love interest and reunite with his island love interest. James lets go of his anger towards Jack (and the original Sawyer & everyone for that matter), he gets to be cop instead of con man & he gets Juliet back. Etc.

Anyway, once they have all made the appropriate choices on the island, they all are able to have the heavenly afterlife - together.

And yes, I admit that there a million holes in this theory too. But at least it helps explain the island a bit.

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