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Alright I delved into this issue with another theory. However,I think this one might have hit the jackpot. Its seems so simple that feels like it has to be right. It may not be but it feels right. Okay so here it is. The reason why pregnant women die on the island is because M.I.B gives the pregnant women the sickness. They miscarry and they die. Why would M.I.B do this? It's because M.I.B feared that the unborn children were Candidates! Think about it for a second. Every pregnant women on the island dies. Every single one accept Claire's. However, Claire had the sickness/symptoms when she was pregnant. Ethan gave her vaccinations. Was M.I.B trying to kill the unborn child by giving Claire the sickness? Was he afraid that any unborn child including Aaron might be the Candidate? It seems very likely. Now another question is the only true Candidate an individual who was born on the Island. To the others this seems of high importance. Ben was taken seriously because he was born on the Island. Like who you ask probably like Jacob? He was probably born on the Island too. Now the hole of this theory is the fact that the six candidates are adults. Now here's the question what if Shepherd 23 was actually Aaron.

Now its possible that number 23 is Jack Shepherd. It seems like it right now. What if it was Aaron instead? Kate married Jack. Now if they adopted wouldn't Aaron's last name be changed to Shepherd. Didn't Christian have a second affair with Claire's mom. Although its Littleton the maiden name shouldn't it be Shepherd's instead. Would Jacob see it like this? Is Aaron the one? Who knows?

Finally, from the Bible. King Herod killed every infant from 2-3 trying to prevent the birth of the Messiah. Isn't this the same kind of thing M.I.B is doing. It sure seems like it. I guess that's sort of a Biblical connection to the pregnancy issue. Jacob is a biblical name after all. So is Aaron's although he was a speaker for Moses. Maybe we'll see Aaron destroy M.I.B in the near future. Whatever though its just a guess. Although the first part I think is close to the answer.

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