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Hello Lostfans !

Since last week, I’m playing with some ideas that I’d like to share with you.

First of all, I will call "Smokey" the entity we know as being now the Smoke Monster. At the beginning, Smokey arrived on the island, with his mother. And probably his father and/or his brother were there too.

As almost every main character in Lost, his mother should have been somewhat « crazy » and he had HUGE daddy issues. At some point Smokey did something (an electromagnetic experiment, ...) that resulted in his actual state (the Smoke Monster) and THE DEATH OF HIS BELOVED MOTHER.

His transformation and the huge guilt produced some schizophrenic state creating a double psychic personnality : Jacob and the MIB. The "Jacob part" of Smokey gave all the guilt to MIB and MIB considered himself as "pure evil". Like all schizophrenics, the two parts conflict, but none is able to win. To redeem himself, Jacob started trying to prove that humanity (which means the original Smokey himself) is in fact good, while MIB is convinced of the opposite (Humanity = Smokey = the beloved mother killer).

So "they" started playing the game, which is based on backgammon. I don’t play this game myself, but I believe to have understood the general ideas. Each player has an Outer Board and an Home Board. Each player try to move all his pieces from the Outer Board to his Home Board and then, bear them off the board. The first player to bear off all his pieces win the game. The Outer Board and Home Boards are separeted from each other by a ridge, called the "bar". Go to Wikipedia to look at the backgammon rules(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backgammon).

Let’s just summarize by imagining that the island is the board or the "bar" of the board. The flashbacks we used to see and the Main Time Line could be both Outer Boards, and the Home Boards could be the flashforwards (Jacob’s Home Board) and the Alternate Time Line (MIB’s Home Board). The rules are telling how to move the pieces (the candidates) and how to "kill" them or to get them off.

I believe that Smokey used to play this kind of board game with his brother before the experiment. His brother also died together with his mother and he should be the young boy in the jungle reminding MIB what the rules are. However, this boy is also an image created by the Smoke Monster himself (don’t forget this all is a psychose !).

MIB "killed" Jacob (by using Ben). Jacob was just a projection created by the "good" part of the Smoke Monster. Remember how Jacob vanished so quickly in the fire. Now Smokey needs another entity to confront with MIB.
Remember the movie Primal Fear with Edward Norton. There is also a case of double personality where the "bad one" when "on" critisized the "weak one", just the way MIB tells John Locke is a sucker, etc. This makes me believe that Smokey is beginning to use the original personality of John Locke as an opponent to MIB. The problem is that the original John Locke, even if he looks weak in his wheelchair, has a very strong personality ("Don’t tell me what I can’t do !"). If Smokey tries to get him back to the island from the ATL, it could be that the psychic confrontation between them results in the death of MIB and thus the end of Smokey.

I also believe that the only real John Locke is the one we’ve seen in the flashbacks and in ATL. He died in the crash and MIB took his appearance from episode 1. This explain why he was so sure of himself on the island, hunting, etc. He was never afraid of meeting the others.

What doesn’t fit with this idea is that he did’nt really know how to manage with the Dharma hatch and the all "push the button" stuff. Maybe it’s because he didn’t know what they are or why they are there. Were they Jacob manipulations ?

OK that was it.
I don’t pretend to have solve Lost, these are just a few thoughts about it. Feel free to comment or criticize.


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