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SUN was the Kwon Candidate, not Jin! by Shaker99

Hey, guys: I said this in a few comment sections, but i thought i'd make it easier by just saying it here:

The logics not complicated at all. SUN is the candidate, NOT JIN. Candidates cannot commit suicide.
THe bomb went off because of SAWYER, so ANYONE in the sub can be killed by it (except sawyer of course). Jack begged sawyer not to touch it for a reason - MIB cant kill them. It wouldnt explode unless one of them did something stupid and killed the others with it. Which sawyer did. :P

As I said in another post:
Candidates CANT commit suicide. Darlton wouldnt give us wrong information this damn close to the end. Thats just cheap storytelling, and they obviously dont do that much.

1. Bomb wouldnt have gone off if they didnt touch it - Sawyer set it off, and therefore all the candidates (except sawyer, because suicide is not allowed) would have died. So, hypothetically, either it wouldnt have gone off at all because sawyer cant commit suicide, OR, Sawyer would survive the blast by some miracle, and EVERYONE else would die.

2. Sayyid ran away with the bomb - so it didnt kill sawyer, but everyone else is still fair game. In this case? SUN. SHe got trapped and drowned because of SAWYERS tampering with the bomb. (and perhaps sayyids lil contribution too)

3. So Sun got KILLED (indirectly) by Sawyer. Even if she's a candidate, it means she would die.

4. JIN commited suicide. Successfully. THerefore, he's NOT A CANDIDATE.

conclusion: Sun was the candidate, and was successfuly killed by sawyer through MIB's manipulative ass.

As for the freighter explosion. Jin got lucky. He jumped off the damn thing, lost conciousness and drifted ashore. In a world of time travel, and immortality and smoke monsters, this is not so unbelievable. We've got to stick with the Lost World's rules. ANd Darlton have done a LOT of thought to make sure everything they portray sticks to THOSE FICTIONAL RULES that they've spent 6 seasons demonstrating.

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