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Multiple universes by James

This came from another blog, but I think it is as dead on as anything I've heard anywhere.

My theory:

Many, many iterations of universes have come and gone, each ending with armageddon at the hands of MiB but spawning the next. The Crash reality we know is the penultimate universe, destined for destruction like the rest, but spawning the final universe (what we call the mirror reality), the one that isn't just practice anymore, but the end of the game where Jacob finally wins. In other words, we aren't dealing with two sideways universes so much as we are dealing with the second to last but doomed, and the last but working universe. That in and of itself solves so many dang problems with this season.

Some "kinda" evidence:

If "whatever happened, happened" (WHH) is really true, then our characters who traveled into the past actually travelled into a new universe. If they travelled into their own past then WHH must be false, because they would have been in their own past as well as have not been in their own past. Therefore the 1977 we saw must happen occurred in the mirror reality.

Also this backs up the conversation between Jacob and the MiB that "it always ends the same" but "it only ends once, until then it's just practice". They have been constant beings between many iterations of universes, but the game has not ended just yet.

Also without something like this, all the references to cycles of repeated action (e.g. "The Third Policeman", or lines like "it'll come back around" from season 1, or Sawyer just recently saying that the last time the gun was on your head Kate) fall flat. I'm guessing universe after universe has been destroyed with very similar actions from our characters, but with minute differences in their choices. I would also venture that this is the only time that Jacob gave his live to win the game, a queen sacrifice if you will. …And his sacrifice is final, no matter the universe, once he is dead, he is dead in all of them.


*If* this is all true, it appears that memory bleed-through between the realities is warranted for the final result at least according to the writers. And I would agree with Eloise that that is a "violation" of some basic rules that I would assume about the game. So how does Jacob's loophole work? Is it Desmond, and if so, how? Also, how and under what conditions do new realities get spawned? When is travel to a new one allowed? Why is it legal to send a group from reality A to reality B in 1977 without a major event like the Swan imploding or a nuclear bomb going off?


If this theory is true, we would get to see armageddon in the failed Crash reality -- and who doesn't want to see the consequences of MiB let loose? We would also see the world continue in the mirror reality, and that is kinda necessary. In summation, if you like this theory, please click "like" or post your thoughts, if not, please please post your counter-arguments.

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