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The Real Kwon Candidate by RPKJr429

Short and simple theory. While watching season five again it dawned on me that Jin washed up with the French team after somehow surviving the massive C4 blast on the freighter and an extended period of time floating out at sea. Since we've been led to believe that the candidates cannot be killed by forces outside of those created by other candidates, I think it is a good assumption that this is how he lived through both the blast and his extended time at sea. I know that Faraday believes that the blast had thrown him from the boat, but in order for Jin to flash with the island the blast had to carry inside the radius of the flash. The freighter was outside the flash radius originally, so this blast would have had to have thrown him pretty far (while both surviving the blast and landing) and fast for those on the chopper to not see him get thrown from the freighter. If this were true it would somewhat explain why Sun didn't flash with the other candidates on flight 316 since she was not meant to in the first place.

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