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Okay so I think these are the mysteries that need some explanation on why they are happening. This is simply my theory on what I think with these four issues.

Ben- Something still does not add up with them. If he was not getting orders from Jacob who was he getting the lists from. It was definitely not Jacob. That leaves the cabin. The question is who was in the cabin to begin with. I think it was M.I.B. Now I believe Ben has found redemption etc. but something is going on. Ben kills John Locke he just so happens to say bring John Locke back to island. The arguement for that is to replicate the exact same events of Oceanic Flights 815. However, if John was touched by Jacob how could Ben kill him. In some ways he should be invincible right. Then Ben kills Jacob. I think I know what his deal is. Ben's unique quality is the power to kill anyone deemed Candidate/godworthy on the island. He killed John and he killed Jacob. M.I.B. needed a loophole so Ben is the loophole. Ben took orders from M.I.B. he believed it was Jacob when it was M.I.B. He felt anguished as he was further manipulated by M.I.B. My guess M.I.B. somehow let Alex get shot. (Well really get into this with Jacob's cabin) It was not Widmore who changed the rules it was M.I.B. Ben was shot maybe like Sayid and before the Temple was declared dead. "I know what you are boy" said Widmore. Maybe the scale tipped the wrong way. Ben may be claimed, however, maybe with redemption he is no longer claimed. Richard said he would not be the same. Maybe like Sayid he was claimed by M.I.B. It explains the whole monotone manner with no emotions that ring true with Ben. He's completely off look in the alternate. Ben still had issues with power but he clearly has more emotions. As in the whole Alex/power issue in Dr. Linus. He tried to save alt. Locke and he cared about the kids at the school. M.I.B. warped him and somehow knew that Ben would manipulate Sayid. Sayid was shot and sent to the future M.I.B. used him. M.I.B manipulation is probably centuries in the making. He probably came to the conclusion that maybe instead of killing everyone on the island he should use them to kill Jacob. That was why Jacob was surprised when Richard tried to kill him. Jacob knew that M.I.B. was changing his game plan. However, not remanipulating Ben in the future will cost M.I.B. his life. Ben will be the one to kill M.I.B. It would be a great way to end his character. He 's a loophole. In the stature he was hiding in the shadows. I believe this goes with an important quote that hasn't been explained yet. My guess Ben goes double agent and then backstabs M.I.B.

Jacob's Cabin- If M.I.B was in the cabin who put him in there. This is what bugs me significantly. My guess someone we don't know about. However, M.I.B seems to fear one person. The mysterious kid in the jungle. My guess he was the one who did the deed. However, the hatch implosion broke him out of his prison. Seeing Locke may have sent his loophole in motion. He can sense whether or not Candidates are dead. Couldn't he sense a Candidate coming to his own prison/cabin! M.I.B. just acted crazy for a show. In order to freak out Ben have John clearly hear him. This would make the jealously toward Locke turn into murder. It did Ben tried to shoot him . Once again it would look like Locke is more special then Ben etc. Ben I think was taking orders from the M.I.B. entity because he thought it was Jacob. Then he realized it wasn't which sent him into a rage with Jacob. I notice two other things. Why would Ben get cancer. Jacob does not interfere. He wants them to help themselves. My guess M.I.B. Who was the one who changed the rules with Alex's death. My guess M.I.B. Ben did a big no-no with summoning the smomke monster. Ben broke the rules this broke M.I.B out of the cabin. Notice that he had Christian's body in the cabin with Claire in the next appearence. The plan had begun with The Shapes of Things To Come. Maybe the name symbolizes this. Ben did the big no no. He moved the island listening to M.I.B. he sent everyone to 1977. He was exlied. Ben got off the island. He took orders from M.I.B. to move the island. He got off saw Locke committing suicide he snapped with his jealousy. His obsession with power the only thing he had left. He killed Locke. Locke was further manipulated by M.I.B. "Your gonna have to die John." Christian said. "Your gonna have to die John." Richard said. Who told him this. M.I.B. He got Locke off the island because he knew Ben the loophole would kill him. Ben the loophole kiled Locke. Jacob's touch could do nothing. Meanwhile, everyone else was sent back in time. What happened Juliet was dead. Sawyer became untrustworthy of Jack. How did that go? Almost every candidate was killed and an alternate reality was created where the island is notably absent. Due to M.I.B himself possibly. Home for M.I.B is the alternate reality. He can't go home in the island one. He'll go to the alternate. That is why Desmond is getting the troops ready. It could be for this reason/showdown of M.I.B. Well see. Back to the loophole Sayid was shot because he shot Ben. Ben became claimed by M.I.B or at least more succeptible to be evil and a liar. Sayid he was claimed. He killed Dogen and Lennon. M.I.B got control of the others and the Temple. Dogen was an issue. Sayid served his purpose he killed Dogen. Important to note maybe the Claimed are the only ones to kill Candidates. Hence, why Claire did not die on the sub. What if some Candidates escape. Well why not use Claire to kill them. At one point M.I.B said Claires behavior was innapropriate? Why because it would blow his candidate killing. Claiming might be M.I.B's answer to Jacob's touch. M.I.B said the following words to confirm my theory. Okay Ben you served a man who gave you cancer, killed your daugther and he did nothing to stop it etc.. So my question to you Ben is why the hell would'nt you want to kill Jacob! How would M.I.B know this. John did know about Alex's death. Possible mind reading on that one but what about the cancer. As for the whole Locke walking thing once again M.I.B did this. Locke was his sucker. Sorry, Locke. I hate M.I.B. Oh yeah one more thing he probably killed Boone to creating the rift between Jack and Locke. Imagine all the good that did. One more thought maybe Eloise is working for M.I.B. Why? Probably a deal to get Daniel back but who knows really. Well that's Jacob's cabin/the loophole.

Walt- Walt is just aggravating. However, he is important. He seems to be able to emit electromagnestism. There was some episode where Ben and Juliet were clearly afriad of Walt. Walt is the exact opposite of Desmond. While Desmond seems to absorb electromagnetism Walt seems to give off electromagnetism. Walt and Desmond act like magnets. Desmondd is the plus and Walt is the minus. It explains all the dead birds with Walt. Walt is special. He also has a six sense. He told Locke that everyone was angry with him on the island. Well with recent events that would definitely be the case. It irks me that Walt does not know his father is dead. Why haven't the lost creators done this yet? Expect an on island appearence. Wallace 108 might be short for Walt. Walt will show up somehow and he will be vitally important. My guess the alternate reality with Michael.

Hurley Bird- This I honestly have no idea. However, the bird strangely seemed to call out Hurley's name. The Hurley Bird is an entity of some sort. For all I know this might be a stretch. Hurley somehow got the gift of dead people. This was before Jacob touched him. How did he get it. Maybe the Hurley bird gave it to him. Maybe the bird is like Horus in Egyptian mythology. That would tie to anubis, the four toed statue and the smoke monster hieroglyphics. Who knows really? Its just a guess along with my theories.

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