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The Mirror by syphon1980

For 6 years we’ve watched lost unfold. Instead of being spoon fed a typical drama we were coaxed into taking an active role. It required the viewers to participate in a conversation, per se, rather than overhearing it from outside a room.

The writers were masterful at creating ambiguity by withholding information. As viewers we are responsible for piecing it together into some cohesive concept reflecting our own personal beliefs and ideas. I know a few people that are thoroughly disappointed with the ending but the problem is they are looking for instant gratification.

Here are a few examples of ideas I’ve had over the years:

Why were there polar bears? - The polar bears are the “yogi bears” of the bear kingdom. They are capable of figuring out contraptions like the biscuit cages on Hydra island. I presume that the dharma initiative used the bears to turn the frozen donkey wheel hence why we see their skeletal remains in Tunisia (Charlotte finds one with a DI tag). Instead of risking their lives the bears were guinea pigs.

Why was the Donkey Wheel area frozen in modern day and not back in ATS? - Mother described the source as the “the warmest, brightest light you’ve ever felt”. Additionally, Locke describes to Eko the monster as a “bright light”. We saw in ATS that when MiB falls into the source the light goes out, suggesting he absorbed some of that light causing the source to be colder.

Was it necessary for the losties to visit the 70s? I believe they were required to go there. If not Ethan may not have been born, Ben may not have been saved, truce between the DI/others may have been broken prematurely and the source of electromagnetism may have been unfavourably compromised had they not caused the “incident“.

The point I’m trying to make is that even though my ideas may not be valid for everyone. Each person has to make lost their own. To turn it over and look at it from different angles till they find a perception that satisfies them. The losties made the flash sideways in their own image and we have to make Lost in our own.

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