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lost explained by crisplostfan04

My theory of lost is a combination of what i have read from everyones views, my views and things the writers have implemented

to start with what i think lost is about and what the island is, lost is about a collective group of characters who are all candidates to replace a man called jacob, who protects the light of the island. the candidates are all as jacob said lost, they were brought to the island as they need to island to move on in their lives examples of characters arcs are jack, from a man of science who needs to fix everything to a man of faith who can "let go", charlie a selfish drug addicted rock star to a man who would sacrifice himself to save his friends and loved ones another would be sawyer , self driven con man to selfless hero, Sun and Jin from a complicated marriage to them being able to love one another even during their deaths. these candidates either in death or after island would be able to move on. See how some of the oceanic 6 were able to move on but others werent notabley jack, however the island still needed them all. everything that happend on the island was REAL as christian stated.

the light or souce is infact the light that creates all the miracles of the island roses cancer, lockes legs etc the light needed to be protected in order for and i know this sounds silly heaven to be still accessible, see how when the source was taken out, it went to red almost to signify hell, in a way jack saved the after life for the losties by his heroic sacrifice. the smoke monster was a collection of electromagnetic energy mixedd with the ,hate and anger of the man in black. when the source was removed the electromagnetic energy was gone as the source had been removed. this is why he became mortal, in a way the smoke monster is the most complicated mystery of them all that probablly no one could explain. he hated the island as he would forever be trapped this is why he chose to destroy it, he represented hell on earth

Finnally the alt or limbo was created in two similar ways, i still havent decided it either created as christian said the losties made it through their conciousness and love for one another as jack has said so many times, they lived together so they would all die together. Or the other idea is that the losties created it through the hydrogen bomb. the limbo is the phase before moving on to after death, the losties are all the same age as they were in their island time even if some lived long after and become old and grey and died because as christian said the island time was the most important time in all of their lives where they became no longer lost. The limbo would continue to run as a loop until the losties were able to remember their time together and move on, for some losties they were unable either in the case of eloise hawking and daniel she wanted to try and spend as much time as possible with him, ben was unable due to his sins trying to redeem his past sins, while some believed themselves not ready like ana lucia stated. All of the losties who were ready would move on in to
the light that jack helped to protect from turning into hell.

The writers knew all along what it was about they did not make it up, in series 2 man of sciene man of faith, desmond says to jack you have to lift it up . forshadowing the source and how to turn it off, desmond being exposed to the electromagnestism allowed him to unplug the source, all that has happend was planned since series 2 i believe

I believe lost is amazing and clever, the greatest show ever to be made on television, i loved the finale even if some mysteries were left. The lost story was about the characters who were lost becoming not lost. The beauty of lost is that it created mysteries during that everyone would debate about and now even after it has finished it will create more questions and have people debating

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