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for the last 3 seasons i have assumed the island to be "limbo" which would explain a few simple things first like: why babies cant be born, and explain why time goes back and forth as when you are dead you have no sense of time (i assume!) it would explain jacob and the smoke as good and bad angels trying to recruit for their own purposes (heaven and hell) and it was looking good.......until the end, i still thought briefly that the flashbacks were to them alive, the island limbo and the flashforwards to them in the afterlife which again would make more sense (explains also the wierd stuff on the island, the superhuman powers, the light the everything)

but then theres too many holes, like them leaving and coming back etc, but with that i found it interesting that they all had to be together to get back, just the same as they all had to be together in the end to move on and there were a lot of coincidences like that


but what i summed up is that whilst the story was about the island and what was going on, however wierd or strange it all was and doesnt make sense, it doesnt matter in the end because it was about the characters interaction and journey, not how the island works, the island became irrelevant and just a vessel to tell the story of how these people met and what they did together. JUST LIKE LIFE, ITS ABOUT WHAT YOU LEARN ON THE JOURNEY AS A PERSON, HOW YOU DO IT IS IRRELEVANT

The island will never be explained, it could have its own spin off story with different characters it was so irrelevant, and thats what people are missing...its about these peoples journey before the island, then on the island and thats where lost finished.


The "alternate reality" or afterlife limbo we started seeing from season 6 is also totally seperate and wasnt happening along side the island events, it too could be a seperate show and if you think of it like that it makes things a lot cleearer to take in.
They are dead in the flash forwards but couldnt move on unitl every major person from that island was also dead and then ready to accept it, so years and years have passed sinse the island ended and jack died there. The limbo then begins for them all simultaniously on the plane once they are all dead, (dont know what they did until this point, maybe just blackness as when your unconsious 3 hours seems like seconds so years and years will have been moments)they then just have to embrace it/accept it to move on which they finally do in the church....

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