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I thought about this theory in relevance to “Sikeston Koss’s,” theory of “Unreliable Storytellers, Story Elements and the post Hoc Fallacy,” and also the comment he made to his own post (seen below). First of all his theory is one that everyone should read, and I would probably read it before mine.
“Well, my "Orchid station precedes Donkey Wheel" theory would work like this:

- Someone is sent back in time via Orchid Station
- That same someone builds donkey wheel in approximately the same location of the Orchid Station
- That someone tries to use Donkey Wheel to "go back to the future."

In other words, we're made to think the Donkey wheel begets Orchid Station, but it's because of the Orchid Station that someone would know to build the Donkey Wheel in the first place. This theory is strengthened when you consider the Orchid Station builders were surprised to find the donkey wheel when it showed up on their scanners. It would seem the discovery of the donkey wheel did not spur the creation of the Orchid; hence eliminating the issue of paradox.”
- Sikeston Koss

My theory like I said is in relevance to “Sikeston Koss’s,” which just came to me while I was reading his theory. Yes, I could easily be 100% wrong with what I am about to say, but then again I could be right or even partially correct, only time will tell.

What if the Alternate Time Line (ATL) was the Original Timeline of the island, and the timeline in which we have watched from the very beginning of the LOST is actually a New Timeline (NT) created by the Dharma Initiative via the Orchid Station, with the helping hand of both MIB and also Jacob, which is why our LOSTIES crashed on the island during episode #1 of the show of what I believe to be the New Timeline and not during the Original Alternate Time Line where the island was underwater and our LOSTIES landed safely.

The Alternate Time Line is the Original Time Line without the Dharma Initiative sending someone into the past whom I believe is possibly MIB, I believe he was sent to the past via the Orchid Station to some point in time on the island, for this is how he would develop his plan on both killing Jacob and finally being able to leave the island.

I believe MIB became a member of the Dharma Initiative or he was able to infiltrate Dharma via the death of a current member of the Dharma Initiative and so he turned into Dharma member in order to infiltrate Dharma in order to begin his long journey of freedom. Or instead of taking the form of a newly dead Dharma personnel, maybe he was able to turn into a different type of species, say a “White Bunny Rabbit,” which I will talk about in a second.

Now I have a few ideas on how MIB was able to travel to the past via the Orchid Station. I have the idea that there could have been a possible time travel experiment which he decided to be the guinea pig for or maybe there was a freak accident that occurred when the pocket of energy was released thus allowing MIB to have the chance to travel to the past.


Instead of taking the form of a newly dead Dharma personnel, maybe he was able to turn into a different type of species, say a “White Bunny Rabbit,” which I will abbreviate with (WBR). We have seen the WBR many times throughout the show, whether it be the Dharma Initiative videos all the way to when Miles was a child, where we saw the statue of the WBR at the apartment complex where he lived. Maybe that was a sign used by Damon and Carleton as a little teaser for us viewers. For I do not recall anything about MIB not being able to turn into other species at any point in the show thus far.

Once MIB had traveled through time he not only accomplished his first goal of moving through time and landing sometime in the past, Pre-Dharma days of course, but he also altered the Original Time Line, which like I said before is the Alternate Time Line that is currently being shown to us in Season 6. Thus creating a New Time Line, which is the Time Line that we as viewers have been watching since LOST first aired. (I also believe that MIB’s trip through time is a huge reason why the LOSTIES crashed on the island. Yes, Jacob did visit some of our LOSTIES in order for them to come to the island, but if it was not for MIB traveling to the past and changing the Original Time Line, also known as what we now call the Alternate Time Line, Oceanic Flight #815 never would have crashed on the island and thus the island would still be submerged in the ocean.) MIB then located where the Orchid Station would be built by the Dharma Initiative. Next MIB implemented his second goal, he ! dug and created the well in which the Orchid Station would be built on years later in the future and he put a Donkey Wheel, our now Frozen Donkey Wheel .

He did this for a couple of reasons, first I believe he did this so that when Dharma comes along in the future they will see the FDW in the ground and know that something is dug beneath it. In doing so I believe the FDW is kind of a crutch used by MIB so that Dharma does not hit the Pocket of Energy and thus sinking the island years later in the distant future.

The next reason why MIB installs the FDW (which is why he knew exactly where it was when poor john Locke decided to turn the FDW himself) is so that he can harness the power of the Energy for his own use and thus start preparing for his next goal in mind, find an individual, a pawn, a person who would do anything for the island, a pawn like John Locke, which in the game of chess is used to implement the start of a match, a match of White vs. Black, Good vs. Evil, Jacob vs. MIB. MIB cannot use the FDW himself, because Jacob is still alive, so MIB begins his first move by using his key pawn, John Locke, as the individual who he will use to turn the FDW, to kill Jacob, and ultimately leave the island.

But why John Locke? John Locke was one of the only survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 to believe in the magical powers of the island when the plane first crashed on the island, because his crippled legs were healed, which I believe that MIB may have been the reason for this, for he needed Locke to believe that the island is a place where miracles can occur (which is true) but Locke’s healing of his legs ultimately turned him into the “Man of Faith,” he became to be. A “Man of Faith,” that was able to change the minds of some of our LOSTIES, for example Jack Sheppard. Since the get go Jack has been a “Man of Science,” since day one on the island but when Jack finally left the island he knew it was fate that he was sent to the island and that he needed to go back. If it was not for Locke changing Jack into the New, “Man of Faith,” he has become currently then the Compass Loop Hole would not have worked, because Richard Alpert needed the reassurance of Jack to te! ll him that Locke was a very special person, thus helping MIB become the leader of the Others. Not only did MIB use Locke but he also manipulated other people via John Locke in order to ultimately come closer to Jacob, so that he could use a close follower to kill Jacob, someone like Ben. Which now allows MIB to have the chance of finally leaving the island, because Jacob is no longer holding him back from leaving anymore. So Dharma is the reason why our current timeline takes place, and the reason why Jacob is now dead, and their existence is the way in which MIB is now finally able to leave the island sense Jacob is now dead.

Hopefully you all like this theory, and I am looking forward to all of your comments, Thank you.

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